Pinup Couture: Atomic Print Skirt

There was a time when the Atomic Age was a figment of the imagination fueled by fiction set in dystopian futures where the world has been reshaped by an atomic bomb.  Embracing the unknown with science fantasies where the traditional family and the perfect house with white picket fence were depicted on Mars as opposed to post-war developments.  However, it became a frightening reality as school children were taught to duck and cover during screeching drills.  Thankfully fashion is far less gruesome when it comes to taking a retro style print and turning it into something which brings a lot more cheer.



Pinup Couture gives us the Doris Skirt, a full vintage style skirt made from a luxe cotton sateen that comes with a wide vinyl belt to assist in defining your waist.  It comes in turquoise and pink, both of which are decorated with an exclusive Atomic Boomerang Print designed by Joe de Blois.  Compliment this full swing skirt with a black Bridgette Blouse by Mode Merr to encompass the bold, seductive allure of a woman straight from the pages of a pulp novel.  Dramatic sleeves, a plunging neckline, gathered bust, shoulder details and fitted midriff combine to make this a dangerous blouse.



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