Jersey Trash Adventures

[Originally written on this date in 2004]

Going out in public with freshly shaved heads the other day proved to be another round of amusement for Jon and myself.  For a moment I forgot that either of us had a mohawk, perhaps distracted by all the fun we were having.  However, when he answered the door and had his fanned out, I laughed and was greeted with tattooed hands rubbing the sides of my head.  It was definitely going to be a great night.

After having a smoke and being struck with the overwhelming urge to eat, we found ourselves at a local buffet complete with super tacky decor, though I have to say the food was plentiful and really tasty.  The people seated a table over from us just would not stop looking at us – it was not really staring, but more like long casual glances.  At one point Jon catches one of them and plainly asked: “What? Ya’ll never done saw people eat before?

Needless to say they seemed to be embarrassed and kept their eyes to themselves for the remainder of the time we were there.  What made me want to laugh out loud was that he did not even say it in a rude manner – he put on a huge smile and brought out the Southern drawl and posed the question in the most charming way possible.  It was difficult to restrain a chuckle because I thought the whole thing was hilarious.

On the way back to his house, Jon decides that he wants to take slight detour out to the woods and it has been a while since we have been among those towering pine trees.  After parking the Chevy, he leads me to this tiny waterfall that is as postcard perfect as it gets.   Though I was a bit nervous about being close to the edge, Jon reassured me that  I was not going to fall in, his arm around my waist for extra comfort.  Of course the dark woods, equally dark sky and the slight roar of the waterfall pretty much set the mood for a romantic moment.  It was not magical – there were no happy twinkling stars and singing trees or any of that crap you see in animated moves.  It was raw, powerful and the most real thing I have ever felt.

Parting ways instead of spending the night with him was almost painful, but he seemed to be distracted by something and I felt it was better to give him space.  He did make an appearance in my dreams that evening, and the following one as well.

When Jon and I met up earlier today, I had him come to the apartment [while the Asshole was gone] because I wanted to conserve as much gas as possible for the next day’s driving duties.  Busied myself with cleaning out the car, having to remove leftover stuff from when we were selling at the flea market.  Then I spent a couple of hours vacuuming out all the sand, because while I love traveling with little pieces of the place I go, I also want to have a decent-looking vehicle.

Upon his arrival we smoked a blunt and had a discussion about what we wanted to do.  After listing several possibilities, then going through the pros and cons of each, Jon suggested that we prowl the mall for kicks and produces a familiar object that causes me to send him a rather harsh glance.  He supplies a sheepish grin and I seem unable to resist falling prey to his influence.

It was the first time I actually threw the ‘hawk up for public viewing, though I left a chunk down in front that is sort of swept to the side.  Jon had his spiked and was in a rather jovial mood, grasping my hand tenderly while skipping through the parking lot.  The King and Queen made their arrival at the mall, where a good portion of Jersey’s population seemed to have congregated.  It had slipped my mind that the mall would be a popular destination on a Saturday night, but we strut our shit L.A.M.F. nonetheless because it is always fun to make a scene.

Mostly we just walked around making fun of pretty much everything, though kept it at a volume that would not offend.  There were a lot of people wearing Hot Topic gear, which I suppose is fine if that is what you like, but the same kids talk about how it makes them different yet they wind up looking the same.  With Jon and myself, while we prefer certain aesthetics, we do not generally subscribe to any specific genre or subculture, mostly because we find labels to be silly and restrictive.  However, I do believe we are a successful visually appealing couple, in that we compliment each other in a variety of ways.  For instance, I spied another couple and the girl gestured to her boy in our direction.  Though I am not sure what she said, I got the feeling that they were perhaps admiring a well-coordinated duo.

The night was still young and we had our fill of the mall, so we headed over to a book store and were intrigued by the tattoo magazines.  That seemed to be another popular place for people to go and we did not stay long.  Wandered next door to Party City with the purpose of mocking this year’s selection of costumes and were quite successful in that mission.  Of course we are going to be zombies, because it is something we really enjoy doing, especially the challenge of bringing something different into the look.  Had an interesting conversation with a cop on our way out because he apparently liked our hair and wanted to know how we got it to stand up.

Since I had something to do the next day, Jon brought me back  to the apartment where it took about half an hour to part ways, which ended with my face in his hands.  Staring into those gorgeous grey-blue eyes, he said those magic words, kissed me softly and told me to get inside before I caught any heat.  That might have been the first time has actually expressed his feelings in such a manner, and I am kind of overwhelmed by it.

The next week is going to be long, but I have driving duties to get paid for and might plan a trip into the City for some new body jewelry to fill the time.


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