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Enjoying seasonable activities such as picking pumpkins, scouting peak foliage or winding through a haunted corn maze calls for festive fashion that embraces some of the imagery associated with what I feel is one of the grandest holidays we have.  Though everyone has their own way of celebrating Halloween, it should be done in style without falling prey to the urge of wearing every stereotypical icon possible.  Instead, select one or two pieces to be the highlight of an outfit and utilize current trends so that your personalized ensemble is not mistaken for a costume.  Even if it is, I have found that smiling politely and saying thank-you garners a much more amusing reaction than scowling and snapping.  This guide features fabulous frocks and ghoulish accessories at affordable prices that will put you in the fright mood!



An ideal way to show off your love of horror chic is the Fright Night Dress, which is made of 100% cotton that is covered with images of legendary movie monsters, has an elastic empire waist and is trimmed in black at the neckline and slopes into soft straps.



Chains, hooks, blood and leather might be a good idea for a Hellraiser themed costume if one has the time and money to spend on an elaborate visage.  A more sensible homage is the Kirsty Dressy by Hell Bunny, a black cotton dress printed with skulls, spiders and webs.



Fans of Spidora can substitute the suggested outwear for the Sourpuss Web Cardigan, a black cotton button up with white webs embroidered on the shoulders.



This soft black Ribcage Cardigan from Too Fast features art by Care Dutton in the form of knit in bones, ribcage and bright right heart.



Though the temperatures have been relatively moderate, it is only a matter of time before nights get chilly so be prepared with these white and black Bone Over the Knee Socks from Sourpuss.




Continuing with the bone theme, these Bone Heel Bird Skeleton shoes by Too Fast have shiny black bone-shaped heels that compliment the concealed platform, open toe and Paulo Rocker’s artwork painted on the sides.





After a few too many nights watching her husband pass out on the couch with a beer in his hand and a cigarette burnt to the filter, this lovely dame decided to take matters into her own hands.  Unfortunately for him, there were some fatal consequences!”  Sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, and when she’s looking for a quick getaway she grabs Too Fast’s Bates Bowling Bag with Die, Die My Darling print.



Possibly the most iconic of all female horror movie monsters is captured elegantly on the Bride of Frankenstein Handbag by Rock Rebel, large enough for all your essentials when haunting your favorite local attraction.



One  can never be too ready for the impending zombie invasion, so why not do it with style?  Kreepsville 666 has this awesome durable Zombie Barrel Bag, a black heavy duty polyester bag that is printed with zombies and brains, featuring carry handles, adjustable detachable shoulder strap and outside zip pocket.



When going for a retro or vintage look, particularly if you want to put a different spin on the classic pinup girl, sometimes the right accent piece can really set the whole thing off.  Restyle offers these stunning purple and clear Cat Eye Glasses, subtle in color and decoration yet powerful enough to draw attention.




Share this kitschy cute white bronze Zombie Friendship Necklace with your ZFF – zombie friend forever – as a testament to your eternal relationship.



Laughing Vixen Lounge has an exclusive range of Zombie Pinup Compacts, which is a fun way to collect your favorite pinup art with a personal touch.  These compacts are versatile in that they can also be used as pill containers or to conceal small personal items and can be slipped into your purse year round.


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  1. Deidre says:

    Happy Halloween Lenore! xoxo

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