Punk Rock Bowling

Even though I have not really mentioned it much, I wanted to check out Punk Rock Bowling down at Asbury Lanes for quite some time now but never really got around to it due to not wanting to go alone.  Seeing as how that was no longer a factor, I put on my best attire and drove down to the Shore to meet up with Jon.  He looked just smashing in an authentic 50’s bowling shirt that was red and black, pants that were more patches than material and a pair of red snake skin boots, his ‘hawk combed into a pompadour.

We smoked a blunt in the Chevy and as we cruised the highway, the scene was like something out of a Hollywood movie.  Sunset was a brilliant show of deep pink glowing beneath purple clouds; in front of us was AN expanse of blue sky, perfectly off-set by the full moon, a dusky orange orb that made for a nice contrast.  As the sunlight faded from the sky, we stopped off at the Americana, one of those old-fashioned chrome joints that we enjoy eating at.  The interior was equally impressive – tiled floor, vinyl booths and neon lights.  The food was excellent, the service delightful and it was almost a shame that we had to leave because it was such a positive atmosphere.

Continued on to our destination while drinking whiskey and filling the Chevy with excited chatter.  Before heading to the lanes, we poked around the remains of Asbury’s amusement area.  It was strange and kind of sad not seeing the familiar garishly painted walls of the Palace.  There is still a piece of it left, aside from a pile of ruble.  Was disappointed that the doors of the carousel house were boarded up, but  Jon discovered that one of them had been forgotten.  Of course I took the opportunity to peek inside and I groaned at the gross neglect.  We walked along the beach for a bit, trying to figure out how to gain entrance into the casino as we smoked a blunt and made up stories about the people who must have been there at one time.

Heading around the other side, Jon pried a board loose and I got a first-hand look into the building.  While I may not have seen anything due to the darkness, I definitely got a vibe from that place.  The lights on the boardwalk filtered through the broken and dusty windows, dimly illuminating the nothingness inside.  The chandeliers are still fixed to the ceiling, as though waiting to be turned on some day.  There was a lot of water on the floor and archways that most likely led to the carousel house.  Having our fill or exploration, we got back in the car and took a short drive down the street.

Jon found a spot to park the Chevy and we walked two blocks to the lanes, which had been desolate just an hour before but was now full of life.  Part of the reason we planned the trip was so that we could catch the lunar eclipse, knowing that the ocean would be a good place to get a clear view of it.  We stood on the beach drinking whiskey and mushroom tea, eyes fixed to the sky.  The moon was almost entirely obscured, giving it a strange orange glow, with a thin sliver still visible – it was absolutely incredible and I just wanted to be lost in that moment with the person I loved most.

After consuming all the alcohol, we went inside the bowling alley, suiting up in rented shoes and ready to rock it on the lanes.  Hats off to the DJ who spun all the old school punk, and I loved that the Gallows played right on the lanes.  Seriously, we were rolling that ball down the lane with the band right next to us.  Jon beat me at every game, but it was all in good fun.  Kind of surprised that were able to bowl at all considering the level of intoxicating substances coursing through our bodies.  Anyway, six games for a sawbuck  per person to bowl ’til you drop ain’t bad, though I have no idea how much drinks costs since we brought our own.

We returned the shoes and instead of getting back into the Chevy, Jon led me down to the beach where things got physically intimate.  Some random guy was wandering the beach and we joked that he probably just got a free show.  There was another diner stop on the way back to his house because he wanted some coffee for the drive.  Though the whole evening was a whirlwind of laughter and I had a really great time, he still seemed distracted by something which makes me concerned.  If I bring it up though, he will tell me that I should not worry because he is fine and if he wasn’t then he would certainly tell me.

This is all I have been thinking about for the past couple of days and I am starting to realize that if we are going to keep pursuing this level of relationship, I need to move out of this apartment and cut all ties with the Asshole.  He may have been my friend once, but he is not a person who I need in my life any more.  It is not going to be easy because I have nowhere to go at the moment and Jon does not want to put me at risk by letting me stay with him, but I trust him when he tells me he will take care of it.  He always finds a way to keep such promises, so I will try to focus on the positive and keep all of this to myself.


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