Zesty Treats

Before you embark on hours of makeup and costume application for an evening of festive fun, pamper your body with limited edition holiday themed products.  Embrace the spirit of Halloween with six delightfully decadent items full of Fall fragrances that will have you swimming in waves of relaxation, plus six other equally sinful specialty beauty brews which should effectively trick onlookers into believing that you are whatever character you have chosen to portray for the evening.  Or just treat yourself to something special in lieu of costumed parties and get lost in a classic Universal monster film or other appropriate zombie/horror/gore movie fest with one of these great items from Lush!



For some, drinking a warm glass of milk before bed aides in better sleep, but I am not really keen on the idea of consuming that much liquid and then burrowing into blankets.  Instead I can turn to Twilight, soothing stress with lavender, a natural melatonin, while tonka absolute combats sleeplessness.  Printed with the moon and stars, this pretty Bath Bomb surrounds you in waters that change from pinks to purples and get darker still, much like the sky as the sun sets.



Wrap your skin in the aphrodisiac scents of ginger and jasmine while soaking in the moisturizing properties of coca butter and almond oil.  Something Wicked This Way Comes as your skin will beg to be touched, and the lucky person doing so will sure to remember you when the sensual scent lingers on their skin the following day.



Spicy clove bud and cardamom oils are trapped inside this fragrant grinning pumpkin, and Jacko even has an extra surprise in the form of spearmint oil.  Chase away those Autumn chills and carve out some much-needed alone time in your otherwise busy schedule to enjoy this warm and fizzy Bath Bomb.



Speaking of spicy suds, Pumpkin contains cinnamon, clove, cardamom and a touch of spearmint, though don’t let the handmade appearance fool you, as it is for washing and not eating.  Bring it in the bath with you after dissolving Jacko for an experience that will make you feel as though you are swimming in a pumpkin pie!




For a stunning citrus sun set in your tub, the Enchanter throws shades of tangerine across the bath water, which is then swallowed by a pink light show.  A powerful potion of lime oil cleans up congested skin while delicate notes of neroli oil helps tone it.



If you feel like the walking dead after an evening of haunting your local streets, lift your spirits with Ghost, a refreshing shower jelly that can give you an extra boost if put in the fridge or freezer.  An infusion of orchid, jasmine absolute and ylang ylang oil makes it more floral than frightful, while carrageenan seaweed gel nourishes and softens and dry patches you may have.


Suitable for all skin types, Emotional Brilliance Translucent is mattifying powder that can be used to set foundation in place with a shine-free finish, or by itself to even out skin tone when going for a natural look.  The talk base absorbs oil to give skin a smooth appearance while jojoba oil keeps it happy and healthy.  You can even swipe some over your eye lid to keep liner from smudging!


It is important to exfoliate as we slowly wander into the colder weather, and believe it or not Popcorn can leave your lips smooth all season long!  This sweet and salty lips scrub may be simple, but it is also quite scrumptiously flavored just like the satisfying snack from which its name originates.  Don’t be shy about licking it off and be sure to put it on your wish list so that you can enjoy it through all the upcoming holidays.




Firmly establish that you are always physically powerful, able to withstand pressure and are Strong competition by way of a stunning blood orange Liquid Lipstick.   The super softening base moisturizes lips, and remember to apply a lip balm first for a flawless finish.



To create an irresistible pout, paint your lips ruby-red and get ready to have the most life-changing smooch ever.  Inspired by a certain apple-biting princess, It Started With A Kiss blends a warm apple infusion into warming cinnamon and is sprinkled with a hint of white chocolate.  This can also be used as a cheek stain by simply dabbing on a small amount and blending it in!


The best part of Mange Too might be the fact that it is an edible Massage Bar, but who could resist the sweet scent of chocolate combined with honey and banana?  Soften skin with Shea and cocoa butter, which moisturizes and leaves you feeling pliable.



Encourage a healthy dose of physical affection with Bewitched, a love potion turned Massage Bar that is infused with lime and violet leaf fragrance for an uplifting and stimulating experience.  Chamomile will help the object of your lust to forget about past lovers, and extra virgin coconut oil will improve your skin’s tone.


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