Topaz Pizazz

Who first comes to this world below

In dreary November’s fog and snow,

Should prize the topaz amber hue,

Emblem of friends and lovers true

The poem above echoes a few assets with which topaz is associated: dependability, fidelity and devoted friendship.  This stone is found in Brazil, China, Pakistan and Shri Lanka, though the name itself is derived from Topazos, a tiny island in the Red Sea where Romans acquired a stone they entitled with the same name.  It is generally colorless but has also been found in light to medium blue, violet, yellow, pink, gold, green and brown.  For the sake of this guide, however, I will be focusing on the orange-red shades, as they happen to be the most valuable topaz.  Legend dictates that gifting a piece of jewelry which includes November’s birthstone will grant good luck and protection to the wearer.

If gold chains and glittering gems are not your thing, you can still wear topaz and otherwise embrace the mystical properties associated with it.  Whether sweeping shadow across the eyes, sculpting ombre tones on nails or trying something totally new and bringing the coveted amber color into your current hairstyle, the products presented here certainly do not fall short of fantastic.  Use these tips when putting together a look for the office, a dinner date or a night on the town celebrating your Scorpio birthday!


It is no secret that Illamasqua has superb colors which create a proclamation as distinctive as you are, and their Powder Eye Shadows offers intense, extremely long-lasting pigments that urge you to be bold and experiment with makeup.  Here I have selected three shade which can be used separately or together with a few golden highlights that can have your eyes making a statement as soon as you enter a room.  From left to right is Apex – red-orange with matte finish, Vulgar – bright flame orange with matte finish, and Vapour – tangerine with matte  finish.




Bright orange lipstick might seem intimidating, but Flare has an iridescent finish that keeps it soft and sophisticated as opposed to overly obnoxious.  With a highly pigmented formula that glides on smoothly and is long-lasting, you might find yourself hard pressed to resist trying it at least once.




Now is the time to emerge from being a wallflower and exude confidence as people take notice, especially if you are wearing Temper Intense Lipgloss.  This bright tangerine high shine gloss can be used over Flare or by itself; either way ensures that you will be captivating.




Though a much cooler shade than the other products, this is still high quality Nail Varnish that is extremely chip resistant so you can enjoy the effort put into your manicure.  Take the vivid tangerine tones of Whack, blend carefully with a bit of Gamma [neon orange] and Faithful [coppered metal, metallic finish] for a powerful look.



Don’ let your face have all the fun!   Bold color will always be a prominent trend in hair as far as I am concerned, but if you are not into neon bright enough to burn out retinas, there is a semi-permanent dye intended to deliver brilliantly fierce results.  Ion Color Brilliance Brights can be applied to natural, pre-bleached or color treated hair, though it should be noted the lighter or more pale the hair is, the more intense the resulting color will be.  Carefully blend Red, Orange and Magenta to create your custom topaz shade, and remember to do a strand test before taking the plunge to be sure you like what you see.  Select precise strips, random chunks or go for an all over coverage to transform your locks into strands of spun topaz.



Once you have made your selections and are ready to flaunt your new look, there will certainly be a desire to sink in a tub full of refreshing fragrances that can assist you in starting the day feeling refreshed.  These delicious products from LUSH never fails to deliver when it comes to lavishing yourself with things that smell good, and when Bon Bomb hits the water you’ll know why.  The Bath Bomb contains avocado and mango butters that will make dry skin soft, while the fresh scents of orange oil and lime are sure to give you that extra boost in the morning.


If topaz had a smell, for some reason I can imagine it being heavy on the citrus to coordinate with its tropical tones and that is the inspiration behind the selection of these products as opposed to just their color.  After your bath, treat yourself to the fruity fragrance of You’ve Been Mangoed, a delicious Bath Melt filled with mango and avocado butters that will condition your skin much like the Bath Bomb did, while citrus oils brighten it.  The added touch of lemongrass not only acts as a toner, but it can also lift your mood and get you ready to face your day.


If heaps of frothy white bubbles  that soften skin while you sit in them soaking up the citrus and chocolate scent is your idea of heaven, then the Yuzu and Coca Bubble Bar is for you!  This unique ‘Bubbleroon’ is filled with Extra Virgin coconut oil, Fair Trade Shea Butter and just the right dose of cocoa absolute that gives it that decadent fragrance.


Take care of you newly dyed hair with Godiva, a vegan 2 in one Solid Shampoo Bar that will assist in conditioning and moisturizing, both of which you will need if you decide to bleach for more vibrant hues.  Cocoa and Shea butters have been combined with camellia oil for manageability, while jasmine leaves an empowering and lasting aroma.




If you have a bit of trouble getting yourself motivated in the morning, then perhaps it is time to try Back to Breakfast.  Stimulating lemon, lime and grapefruit oils in this Shower Gel cleanse and tone, gently waking up your mind and body.  There is also an added touch of honey that is great for treating dry or sensitive skin, both of which easily occur with the colder weather.


Soap is exciting again, especially when it has been made from the peels of organic oranges, limes and lemons that give Sexy Peel the exfoliating texture of fresh marmalade.  The revitalizing orange juice and oil delivers nutritious Vitamin C to help keep skin clear, and overall it is certain to give you a reason to roll out of bed in the morning.



When you are ready to wind down for the day and embark on a spiritual journey, Cosmic Dreamcatcher is the Massage Bar that will help you refocus energy with a specific blend of oils, while frankincense, sage and thyme help you relax.  Fresh mango has also been blended in to rehydrate and brighten skin, leaving it smooth while you lay in bed and fall into your dreams.

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