Kung-Fu Shoes: Turquoise Poise

Though no longer officially a part of Carny Style, Kung-Fu Shoes remains a popular article and will continue to be posted once a month under the broader Fashion category that I recently added to the blog.  This way I can write about all the ridiculous and wonderful shoes out there without having to find a way to relate them to what I consider to be Circus Couture.  There are also new categories for Hair, Makeup and Bath & Body, all of which are regularly updated with articles that discuss the latest products from companies that I support in one way or another.

In color psychology, turquoise regulates emotion to create balance and stability.  Being a combination of blue and a small amount of yellow, it emits the harmony, serenity and tranquility of blue, along with the inspirational vitality of yellow.  This is a color that can revitalize your spirit during moments of fatigue and alleviate feelings of loneliness by generating calmness then offering a shot of invigoration.  Turquoise is great to have around in an emergency because it can aid in sharp thinking and decision-making, while also supporting the growth of organizational and management skills.  The hue gives control over speech and expression, building confidence and allowing you to have clear thoughts when addressing the public.  It has been said that turquoise has the ability to amplify levels of ingenuity or help build self-esteem, though there is a risk of becoming arrogant and narcissistic.


Starting this style guide off strong with Iron Fist’s Ruff Rider Combat Boot because they are said to “show off your wild party girl side” and I have no shame endorsing such behavior.  These glitzy turquoise boots are covered with silver sequin skulls accented by studs, and while they lace up, there is also a zipper on the side to easily slip them on.  A one inch block heel also adds a bit of lift without the scariness of a stiletto.


A modern interpretation of what I would call ‘ugly shoes’ as a kid, Bunnys Boat is a stylish flat with eyelets, hot pink stitching and patent bow that help keep them on trend instead of being the embarrassing things your father buys at the thrift store.


If you are struggling with the question of Love Me Love Me Not, stop plucking petals and hit the town with these rose and anchor printed flats.  The bright colors and bold designs are sure to turn heads, while polka dot piping, matching bow and a black interior  that is splattered with a galaxy of crossed bones, hearts with bows and grinning skulls with bowlers strike up appreciation for artistic footwear.


In a dream you are stumbling through towering aisles of boring brown boxes, each containing square shoes in neutral shades that are too small.  Frantically throwing one box after the next to the floor, you are ready to cry out in anguish when your eye catches something in the distance.  Wading through the catastrophe you created, X Marks The Spot where you discover an amazing treasure.  The silhouette of a pump has been wrapped in turquoise leopard print and trimmed with layers of multi color sequins, a black vinyl strip of square studs snaking across the toe.


Of course if you desire a more dramatic dose of fierce footwear, you can always go for the X Marks the Spot Platform Boot, which features leopard print satin, 5 1/2 inch  heel and 1 1/2 inch platform, both of which are decked out in sparkling sequins.  The treads on the bottoms help you grip the sidewalk when you are stomping through fallen leaves, and I am enamored by this style because I feel it really defines me as Jersey Girl – tacky, loud and unapologetic.


Once you have reached that proverbial ‘X’, you dig deep to find the Treasure Box, a wild leopard print wedge with a black cuff that displays an array of multi color sequins.  Though it is the third style which uses the same elements, that does not detract from the fact that it is a visually gripping shoe and will surely standout among the standard shoes one sees during the colder months.


Simple yet stunning, this classic silhouette from Bordello is a shoe that every fashionista needs in their collection!  The lavish turquoise satin of Biggest Little City is covered in a collection of glittering rhinestones which really set off the 5 3/4 inch heel, ideal for a flirty pinup shoot or sophisticated burlesque routine.


These round toe pumps by Michael Antonio are perfect for everyday where, as they can easily shift from day to night or work to play with the right styling.   The metallic pattern on Love Me is reminiscent of a reptile and adds some edge to the 4 1/2 inch heel.


The edgy Gidget Wedge has turquoise straps contrasted by a black five-inch platform, along with square studs and a sturdy strap that should appeal to those  who want a bit of rocker chic in their wardrobe.


Sweetheart cutouts, a buckled ankle strap and thick platform are all details that will make you fall in love with Cuffed by Jeffrey Campbell.  Obsession will run high over this six-inch metallic turquoise platform heel which is as romantic as it is rebellious.


Zigzag detailing is combined with clear plastic trim to create the weirdly awesome Audrey 2, a suede pointed toe platform wedge with ankle strap that will add the right amount of quirk to your outfit.


Have no fear, the snake part of these Maritza Platform Block Heels is completely synthetic and therefore should give you no qualms about rocking outrageous footwear if you are an animal lover.


Turquoise is the color of the evolved soul and allows you to empathize with others, while also containing strong powers of observation.  This can be utilized to identify the way to success by balancing the pros and cons of any situation, allowing for solid decision-making.  Sometimes it is capable of being impractical and idealistic, appearing excessively calm, cool and collected.  Too much may give you an over excited mind and generate emotional imbalance, while too little may cause you to hold back your emotions which can result in bewilderment about your direction in life.


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