Winter Warrior

When the weather turns frightful it seems that seeking warmth in garments conjures images of bulky layering, lots of flannel and plaid, ridiculous puffy coats and tacky chunks of fake fur.  The alternative is far more delightful in that there are plenty of brilliant hues and bright patterns which will perk up even the dreariest of Winter afternoons.  Depending on the occasion and what your personal aesthetics are, it can be agreed functionality is just as important as being fashionable, because no matter how cute or trendy you think that new adorable sweater dress is, you will still be cold if you have don’t have the proper accessories.  Risking the flu is not worth showing off skin when the mercury plummets and the wind is strong enough to chill you to the bone.  Be sensible and sophisticated, building up anticipation for when you arrive to your destination and stun the room as you reveal a carefully coordinate outfit.  This guide is filled with festive products to make any holiday you celebrate a jolly one whether you are giving a gift or treating yourself to something special!


The amazing Stick N Poke Hoodie by Iron Fist features a pop art portrait of a tattooed lady who was once exhibited in the sideshow, so obviously it immediately captured my attention with the bold colors and striking imagery.  The managable fabric also allows you to layer it over your favorite tank or baby doll but still fit under a coat without feeling awkward.


Following in the same vein, Sourpuss presents their Tattoo Lady Cardigan, where black cotton is emblazoned with “The Amazing  Tattooed Lady” and traditional tattoo flash across the back, while roses have been embroidered on either side of the chest.  Ideal for draping over the shoulders with a halterneck dress or paired with a pencil skirt and pumps.


Get into the spirit of the season with this kitschy Cocktail Cardigan by Collectif;  the basic Winter wardrobe staple has tiki mugs, fancy drinks and fruit embroidered along the neckline.  Obviously it would be great with a tiki print dress and coordinating heels that will make you the life of the party as you sip alcohol out of a coconut with a tiny paper umbrella in it, forgetting about the dreary weather.


The vintage silhouette of Hell Bunny’s Red Star Coat provides a great base for the check and star patterned jacket.  Black faux fur actually serves a purpose here, trimming the hood, cuffs, hem and pockets, as do other details such as pompoms on drawstrings and toggle fasteners attached to black vinyl hearts.  Not fond of the ears but thankfully they are removable and would probably be good for use in crafting or something.


These fantastic Fairground Leggings promise an evening of fun with an elastic waist to ensure a great fit, while the thick black and white stripes assist in elongating the legs to create the illusion that your are long and lean without much effort.  Being thicker than ordinary tights and stockings, they can be paired with a variety of other items and serve you well if you enjoy that type of versatility.


Cotton leggings will be your savior when the brisk chill of Winter settles in and you still want to rock all of your favorite frocks.  Lolita Bones from Lip Service offers a morbid twist on traditional stripes with their vertical bone print, sort of a nod to the skeleton tights but without attempting to replicate anatomy.


These quirky Split Skinny Jeans from Tripp are also crafted from comfortable cotton and might require a bit of confidence to rock the one black leg, one bright red leopard print leg look.  However, they can easily go with a slouchy T-shirt, tank top with cardigan or even under a short dress while rocking tall boots.


These babies are so deliciously tacky that I actually kind of dig the mash-up of patterns and colors going on.  Iron Fist ensures you won’t get lost in blizzard conditions with these blindingly bright Lounge Leopard Boots, where white and black polka dot faux fur cuffs trim the tops of lightweight microfiber printed with leopard spots, sparrows and roses.


Take caution when wearing the Iron Fist Lacey Days Clogs, as these matte black platform heels are not recommended for frolicking in the snow, but rather for turning heads at your annual office holiday party.  Printed with shiny skull Victorian lace, there are plenty of other features such as the faux wool fold at the ankle and silver studs around the base will keep your feet looking good all Winter long.


Red and black stripes are punctuated with a white embroidered sparrow on these Sourpuss Mittens, which are fingerless gloves with fold over mittens.  Personally I find the combination to be really fun as it gives you the benefits of both styles in one accessory.


Covering your head is a great way to trap in heat when spending time outdoors, and the Sink Or Swim Trapper Hat has plenty of white shirpa lining inside to make that possible.  On the outside is a black background  printed with an anchor and star jacquard pattern, large pompoms making it easy to tie.


Since I get a kick out of coordinating winter accessories, there is no shame in suggesting the Sink Or Swim Scarf to go along with the trapper hat that features the same detailed print.

All of these great fashions and much more can be found by shopping Sourpuss!


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