From the City to Asbury

[Originally written on this date in 2004]

After recovering from the previous evening’s festivities, we managed to drag ourselves out of bed, get dressed and drive up to Newark in order to catch the PATH into the City.  The weather was rather favorable which was nice, as walking in the extreme cold or while it is raining really kills the joy of it all, but thankfully that was not the case.  During the train ride, we had one of those obnoxiously loud conversations about dead bodies and what not.  The lady that was sitting across from us looked absolutely horrified.

Once in the City, we hoofed it up Church to Canal where we encountered much pedestrian traffic, most likely due to the fact that people were out shopping for the impending holiday.  Having plenty of experience with moving among said traffic, Jon took my hand in his and we just pushed our way through the people.  At last we arrived at Unimax, where I brought out the list I had made and set straight to purchasing: 16g captive bead rings that would eventually find their home in my ears, 4g black acrylic CBR’s to match the other I already have, 4g red acrylic skull claws, and 14g spikes that would be worn with new short labret studs in my bottom lip and vertical labret.

Even though it had only been a few weeks since I stretched my septum, I decided to buy a 2g taper and 2g red acrylic plug so I would be prepared when the hole was ready to stretch again.  Lastly I would like to note that I paid wholesale on all of above mentioned items, which brought my total to $25 and was fairly reasonable, but Jon picked up the tab anyway.

Went across the street to grab some hot dogs and sodas from one of those sidewalk vendors and headed for the train, as we wanted to leave the City before the sun went down.  On the ride back, these guys just would not stop staring at us.  People are severely lacking in manners these days, and the staring thing is getting real old, and completely unnecessary.  In fact, Jon decided to make loud remarks about their clothes, hair, facial features and anything else he could think of while staring straight at them.  People turned to look at them and I burst out laughing as they became the center of attention and were visibly embarrassed.  Jon smiled broadly and took my hand, ensuring to give them a good glare as we got off.

Upon our return to his house we set about changing for that evening’s festivities, which included wearing some of the newly acquired jewelry.  Hair was quiffed, clothes sorted to coordinate, boots polished, silver in just the right places and I find myself staring into the eyes of an amazing human being, wondering how I got to be so lucky.  We smoke and do shots – for once those are the only substances we partake of before getting into the Chevy, surf tunes on high volume as it takes to the highway.

Arriving in Asbury, he parks the Chevy a block over from the Lanes and we take a moment to wet or whistles with whiskey, a flask finding its way into a pocket inside his coat.  He smiles and produces a comb to tidy up our hair, which leads to several minutes of groping and kissing like we’re teenagers trying not to get caught.

We hadn’t been to the Lanes on a Saturday night, and I must say that I was kind of surprised to see plenty of people were already there and the band was swinging.  We bowled on lane 13 for a while, though due to our intoxicated state, neither of us did very well.  At some point I was struck by hunger, so we paused the game and hit up the snack bar.  Cheap food is always good, and I dined on this delicious chicken sandwich with a side of nuclear fries and onion rings.  After finishing up our game, we returned the shoes and drank the contents of the flask while Crimson Ghost Society played.  They do surf versions of Misfits tunes, so it is all instrumentals with no vocals and it was awesome.

Cocktails were purchased from the bar and after downing them Jon brings me outside because he said he needs some air.  We wander down to the beach where he tells me he is having a great time and I concur.  He uses the moment to take me in his arms and drown me in kisses, which makes me so happy I could burst.  Then he says those words again while holding my face in his hands, though this time I say it too and the expression in his eyes is priceless.

Upon returning to the Lanes, we are excited to see Gein and the Graverobbers on stage.  Drunken dancing ensued because Jon insisted that we could not just stand there like everyone else, and we managed to clear a small area that caused some people to gripe.  The band was into it and encouraged others to move to the beat, so eventually there were two other couples that joined us and it was amazing.

The last thing I remember was the dark highway and falling asleep on his arm.  Then a sweet voice quietly roused me from my slumber by saying: “Hun wake up, we’re home.”

Needless to say, after all we did that day, we were quite happy to pass out.

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