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For someone who has a few modest collections and enjoys virtual window shopping, I cannot believe that I have covered so much about fashion yet completely skipped over all the wonderfully odd items one can decorate their abode with.  What I really love about many of the things I own is that they come with a story attached and in my mind have a high sentimental value and are irreplaceable.  Of course I also have a soft spot for kitschy tchotchkes and other assorted bric-a-brac that can be bought for a dime at the local thrift store or weekend flea market.  Capturing that essence in high-end pieces that are also affordable is not an easy feat, though that is why there are specific websites I go to when I am seeking of the appliances and apparatuses I can use to put my personality on display in the home.  This guide certainly reflects my attraction to articles associated with circus and sideshow, my face lighting up with glee every time I find something new, and is also appropriate for anyone who shares such an interest.



When preparing to pop the cork on that bottle of expensive champagne, reach for the Strongman Cork Screw and let this classic sideshow character do all of the hard work.



This wonderful Carousel Horse Shower Curtain embodies a fantasy I often entertained when I was a child, that being I would someday own one of those marvelously hand crafted steeds which graced legendary carousels.  Of course having the lovely illustration of a tattooed pinup on such a horse accompanied by a pink background with tattoo inspired filler is just as good.



The graphics and colors on this Freakshow Shower Curtain are so amazing I would be inclined to use it as a backdrop for performance or photography in a heartbeat.  Of course when you are actually traveling with the carnival there is not much time to shower, and when there is you curse the primitive technology.



A great piece to have on display in the kitchen is the Sideshow Lady Knife Sharpener, though the name is a bit confusion because sawing a woman in half is a magic illusion.  No matter, it is still really neat and can be entertaining for your friends.



When all your guests have thoroughly been engorged and go along  their merry way leaving you with the aftermath of a legendary party, don’t despair over the pile of dirty dishes that threaten your manicure.  Protect thyself with Tuff Dish Washing Gloves, pretty pink punctuated with black tattoo designs: an anchor and “Wash Hard” in a banner; a heart and roses with “Dry Young” in a banner; “TUFF DISH” across the knuckles.



Lounge in comfort and style with the Illustrated Lady Satin Pillow; the tan background is accented by a trim of black pompoms, while the feature of this 13″ x 13″ pillow is the picture of the tattooed woman wearing a striped corset.



If you are a fan of sideshow oddities you might prefer the Conjoined Beauty Satin Pillow which depicts a pair of Siamese twins who remind me much of Violet and Daisy Hilton.  They are flanked by illustrations of the Half Man [Johnny Eck] and a sword swallower along with the words “Alive” and “Weird” in banners.



One part pillow and one part doll, the Tattooed Lady from Spitfire Girl had turn of the century style tattoos, finger waves in her hair and wears a vintage costume to show off all her detailed ink.



Keep her company with the Tattooed Man, who has the same style tattoos, a prominent moustache and wears braces on his wrists similar to those of a strong man.

Many of the products featured here are made by and available by shopping Sourpuss!


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