Punk Rock Prom

[Originally written on this date in 2005]

The day after my birthday is New Year’s Eve, which generally I have not celebrated because I am usually recovering from partying quite hardy or did not have anywhere to go or anyone to hang out with.  However, as has been presented numerous times over the last few years, my life is much different now and that can be directly attributed to one Jon Lovelace, my partner in crime who makes even the most seemingly mundane activity tons of fun.  Having performed right after getting a new tattoo, I was not surprised that we woke up in the late afternoon and did the sunglasses zombie walk to a nearby cafe for coffee and something to eat.  It took longer than usual to assemble ourselves, but once we were in the Chevy with cool air pouring through the windows, I was beginning to realize I was on day two of my body modification journey.

We rolled up to Starlight [which we had visited only two weeks prior] because I wanted to add some more piercings to my ears that would pretty much ‘complete’ them.  Dom complimented my new ink saying it looked like an old-time sideshow banner, which was the point.  Having a couple of holes put in each ear during one sitting definitely hurts, but I sat well and let Dom do his thing.  He was very nice and gave me a break on the price, and essentially I received two holes for free.  Even though I could afford the final bill, Jon decided to pay and said it was part of my birthday present, which I thought was really sweet.

Though it was rather late, we stopped off at the Tick  Tock for some grilled chicken and salad before returning to the Parkway.  My ears were kind of warm during the ride so I kept the window cracked and did my best not to think about all the new pieces of metal in my ears.

Wasted no time in getting changed as soon as we arrived at Jon’s house, though it took me longer than I though due to being careful not to get my clothes caught on my new jewelry, as well as not hitting the still sore tattoo.  Perhaps getting modified while having an active social life was not such a good idea, but I had the money and knew what I wanted so did not see the point of waiting.  Jon was also quite the gentleman and assisted me without complaint, citing that I would certainly do the same for him.

The sun had already gone down by the time we hit the highway and the Chevy cruised to Asbury, where there were so many cars parked at the Lanes that we had to hunt for a spot four blocks away.  Eventually we got all that sorted and finally made our way inside.  The King and Queen entered the Punk Rock Prom just as the Nebulas began their set; people dressed in their finest attire and filled with liquor danced to the surf tunes.  Jon wore a slick black suit, red and black Western shirt and black cowboy boots, his hair doing whatever it wanted.  Mine was curled and piled to one side; a Gallery Serpentine Dead Tech corset accentuated my lovely new tattoo, while layers of red and black chiffon cascaded from my hips and black leather Mary Jane’s kept my feet comfortable.  We joined the dancing for a few hours and then the music stopped to announce the midnight countdown.

Champagne in plastic cups was being distributed to the crowd as the DJ asked us to chime in and together we toasted the New Year – Jon held me close and we shared our first kiss of 2005.  After renting shoes to play a few frames, we were watching this one particular guy bowl because was an absolute riot.  He kept winding up as though he were a major league pitcher about to throw a fast ball, yet managed to toss his ball in the gutter.  Our attempt of bowling after consuming a few drinks was not much better.  Moment of hilarity for the evening gets awarded to Jon for almost literally launched a bowling ball at some atrocious band that stunk up the stage.

Hours later and we were both quite tired, though for some reason Jon seemed more out of it than usual and then he makes a surprising request.  Next thing I know, he’s passed out and I am driving the Chevy, which is something that happens quite rarely so I am a bit concerned about him.  Manage to get us back to his house safely and not only have to wake him up, but also help him get inside.  It was not like him to be so wasted, and as far as I knew we consumed about the same amount of alcohol yet I felt fine while he was stumbling over himself.  When I finally get him into bed, Jon is mumbling and I wonder if he is awake or talking in his sleep – either way I can’t make out a thing he is saying.

It is not long until he completely passes out and I am stuck removing the corset by myself.  Spend some time in the bathroom applying ointment to my chest and cleaning my ears with warm salt water.  There is an overwhelming feeling that something is very wrong with my best friend, though I don’t know exactly what it is or how to even approach asking.  Thoughts collide in my head as I stand outside to smoke a joint and cast my worries into the ocean, hoping that the soothing waves have an answer.  My body feels weary and so I go back in to curl up in bed and pass out.

Now it is a few days later and there is still a weird vibe sitting in my stomach, yet how could I even begin to pry into his life when he has brought so much happiness to mine?


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