Garnet Incarnate

Selected as an ideal gem in Victorian jewelry, the hue conventionally associated with garnet is a deep red that also has significance in the social, religious and biblical aspects of Christianity.  Fire is often symbolized by this color as well, while the word itself is derived from the Greek word “granatum”; translated it means “pomegranate seeds”, which the shape and shade of the crystals imitates.  The stone is indicative of those born in the month of January or under the sign of Capricorn, and since the latter applies to me I am certainly particular to this color when it comes to makeup.  It can represent authority, prominence, clarity, veracity, authenticity and devotion, all of which are qualities that signifies the wearer can be depended upon for fidelity and true friendship.  Only pure crystals of garnet, found in Africa, Brazil, India, Malaya, Sri Lanka, Uruguay and the United States, are used as gemstones that are one of the following types: almandine, andradite, demantoid, grossularite, pyrope, spessarite and uvarovite.  These structures can be Isometric, rhombic and dodecahedron, while the stone itself is believed to hold effective healing properties such as regeneration or removing negativity and is also used to enhance sensuality and sexuality.  Readers are encouraged to believe what they want while browsing the products in this guide that will assist in using this inspiration to create stunning looks.




1 – Revel in a new beginning with Sugarpill’s Asylum, a gleaming red loose shadow packed with plenty of sparkle that will give eyes the right amount of punch and is perfect for blending to achieve a guise of madness.

2 – Though it may seem dark prior to application, Brazen by Illamasqua is a bloody and bright Cream Blusher that has a dewy finish to highlight crucial features on your face.

3Amsterdam is not just a European city where one can indulge in decadent delights; it also happens to be a Pure Matte Lipstick from NARS formulated to provide long term and comfortable wear, while application is effortless and will moisturize your lips.

4 – For a smoother and silkier finish, Afghan Red captures the essence of garnet in a luxurious Satin Lipstick bursting with sophistication that can be carried into pretty much any social situation.

5 – Often pencils are good for outlining the lips, but Cruella is much more than that as it provide the convenience of a lipstick in a jumbo crayon design.  The passionate scarlet tone of this Velvet Matte Lip Pencil has a non-drying formula with a creamy texture that can be used as a liner, all-over color or paired with another product.

6 – NARS is always noted for their iconic shades, and the sheer crimson of Bad Education is a prime example of why.  This glittering Lip Gloss has some serious and sexy shine without the usual sticky feeling other glosses leave behind.

7 – It is the midnight hour and all you want is more, more, more – keep the party going with a dusty pomegranate manicure courtesy of Rebel Yell, an Opaque Nail Polish that provides extended wear and is chip resistant no matter what your level of rebellion.

8 – There will always be things better left Untold, but this glittering and glossy Nail Varnish by Illamasqua is something everyone should know about.  The award-winning shade should hold up against just about anything you can assault your fingers with, which is always a bonus for someone who enjoys crafting and has a difficult time keeping polish on my nails.

9 – Stash your favorite beauty items or even your shopping money in this darling Swirl Embroidery Bag from Dezigner Bliss, lined with satin to ensure all valuables remain safe while traveling in your purse.


Of course having  several facial piercings and generally being a fan of body jewelry decked out in glistening gems, I am inclined to include a small sampling of offerings from prominent companies.  When I first had my septum pierced, the captive ring I selected happened to have a red rhinestone set in the middle of the bead and it was my prized piece for a long time.  Something about that pop of color set against the steel and pale skin tone gave me an imperial feeling, which is something I continually seek to capture with my personal aesthetic.




1 – When it comes to spoiling oneself with opulence, Anatometal is pretty much synonymous with hedonism and never disappoints with their wide range of eyelets [or tunnels if you prefer that nomenclature] that are decked out in dazzling jewels.  This pair of titanium anodized bronze Gemmed Eyelets have alternating genuine black onyx and synthetic garnet that happily dance along the diameter of the flares.

2 – Tired of the same old steel threaded ends?  Anatometal has the solution – blue titanium flowers spangled with white rhinestones and deep toned garnets.  They can be used on any internally threaded jewelry and are a great way to add a unique flair to your favorite piercing.

3 – Part of the Paloma Collection by Body Vision Los Angeles, this Gold Curved Barbell features twenty eight 1.2mm genuine diamonds and two 2.75mm garnets, with one disc connected to the bar while the other gently dangles from it by way of a golden jump ring.  Toss out that tacky mall jewelry that likely isn’t real gold anyway and pick up one of these beauties instead.

4 – Even a simple 14ga prong set garnet as a threaded end is more visually appealing than the generic balls, spikes and other cheap alternatives that are offered a dime a dozen on sites where jewelry is mass produced and questionable in quality.  These companies have the reputation they do because they consistently offer nothing but the best, and really, isn’t that worth investing in?

5 – To me Limelight is the grown up version of my first septum piece; the snap ring is composed of yellow gold while a 2mm princess cut garnet is flanked by a pair of 1.5mm Bezels.  Though I would not wear it all the time, I certainly would not hesitate to show it off either.

6 – BVLA also has stunning flowers, though these Cherry Blossom nose studs are made from yellow gold with 1.5mm petals and 2mm center, seen here in faceted synthetic white opals and garnet on the left, and opaque synthetic CZ paired with Rhoadlite garnet on the right.

7 – Eyelets certainly do not need to be huge in order to hold effervescence, as is demonstrated by this set of 6ga stainless steel Gemmed Eyelets, decorated in synthetic garnet, tangerine and citrine gems.

8 – To be honest I am a bit disappointed at the lack of blinged out labret jewelry, but thankfully BVLA has the Cinq Bead, a 14k gold piece that has five tiny stainless steel beads surrounding a beautiful and deeply colored garnet Bezel.

9 – Last but certainly not least, stainless steel 5/8″ Super Teardrop Eyelets by Anatometal that have mint green CZ, synthetic garnet, synthetic ruby, pink CZ and synthetic opal to enhance the intriguing shape.

Resource: January Birthstone


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