Displayed Cavalcade

With a new year upon us there comes the never ending look into the future to see what sort of things we are supposedly going to have.  Though Hollywood movies promised floating skateboards, mechanical servants and push-button homes, what we really have are more problems with fewer solutions.  A good way to distract from all the doom and gloom, though that is not to say it should be ignored completely but rather that there is nothing wrong with taking a break to bring about more positive vibes.  One method to do so involves enhancing the space you occupy, particularly areas of your home where you spend the most time, so that they not only reflect your personal tastes but serve as inspiration when you are in need of it.  Thankfully there are sites like Sourpuss which organize their wares into categories that are easy to navigate and full of items that appeal to my interests and are an affordable price.



Though I personally would not want to carry this amazing Tattooed Lady Flask around, I cannot deny that the artwork is absolutely stunning.  The homage to sideshow style banners is captured with brilliant colors and a retro pin up beauty who proudly displays her detailed skin illustrations.



Speaking of lovely ladies and tattoos, this set of Tattooed Ladies Coasters features four different designs reminiscent of designs one might find on the walls of a parlor in the 1930’s, compete with images of buxom babes, stars, flowers, anchors and flags.



Black and white always create an interesting contrast and the Webbed Girl Shower Curtain is a prime example of the visual appeal it can hold.  The large spiderweb in the background gives the design a Spidora vibe, while the roses are the kind I would love to have tattooed on my feet.



From time to time there are bound to be scrapes and scratches that occur, especially if you are a crafty person [like I am] or in my husband’s case, they are just a part of the job.  Ditch those boring beige strips in favor of Tattoo Bandages and conceal your cuts in style.



Since it is fairly difficult to own a legitimate human specimen unless you are a doctor, scientist or the Mutter Museum, the days of cramming people into a tent so they can see the horrors of alcohol and drug use as they stared at preserved fetuses, one can find a suitable substitute in the form of the Pickled Punk Candle.  Set in a jar filled with unscented clear gel wax, the two bodied, single headed baby carries a tone of realism that could certainly fool your friends when placed in the right macabre ambiance.



Scented with cinnamon, the Mans Ruin Air Freshener includes artwork by Vince Ray of a smoking pinup sitting in a martini glass surrounded by a field of black spattered with stars ad dots.  Hang it up in your favorite ride or room to spice things up!



There is something about human anomalies that has always piqued my curiosity, and so I would absolutely love to have this amazing set of Freaks & Oddities Cards.  Apparently it is the fourth installment of a series that depicts bizarre beings such as Siamese twins, giants, dwarfs and more.



Here is yet another spectacular representation of sideshow banner art, where the Headless Girl, Tattooed Lady and gentleman that appears to be quite small in stature have gathered together on the Retro Sideshow Freak Case, ideal for holding money, business cards or anything else that fits inside.



Though they may appear to be quite simple, there are plenty of elements which make this Old School Tattoo Kitchen Set anything but ordinary.  The  bright red fabric is trimmed in black and covered with tattoo print that includes swallows, anchors, roses and diamonds, which are sure to make any adventure in the kitchen a fun one.



In the good ol’ days of advertising, tin signs were often hung in conspicuous corners for all to see in the hopes of selling them on something.  Over the years they get worn and weathered, and while a bit of rust does not hurt it also can hinder the artwork that had been so carefully painted upon the metal.  To capture that aged look without waiting for the elements to take their course, the Retro Tattooed Lady Tin Sign has a stunning red and black theme complete with tattooed pinup and aged banners.



There are so many details packed into this Gustavo Traditon Magnet that it might seem overwhelming at first, but the prime colors of the striped background make the skull, anchor and roses in the clouds really stand out.  This tattooed pinup may be dressed like a sailor but could also be in the midst of rehearsing for a vaudeville play with a nautical theme.



On a trip to Unimaxx in NYC about six years ago, I stumbled upon a set of figures that allowed one to create their very own miniature sideshow.  The box they come in is striped and has a charicature of a talker on the outside with two plastic windows that give you a peak of what is on the inside.  The Sideshow Tall Man Figure set comes with a plastic platform on which the Tall Man and Small Man can stand, a banner stretched between plastic poles behind them.  Collect all four and line them up to entertain friends!


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