Fun With Buns

This is not a how-to  guide with lurid instructions on how to properly appreciate the posterior of yourself or someone else, but it is an illustrated gallery that features one of this season’s hottest hair trends.  Cast aside memories of your grade school ballet recital where you were forced to wear frilly tutu’s and top knots tight enough to make your scalp scream, because it’s time to treat this modest design with a bit more effort than slopping one on just to get your hair out of your face.  When executing a bun, it is best balance the pretty pouf with the size of your head in order to create an appealing silhouette.  In the past it was all about letting your locks flow, enhancing with extensions and generating effortlessly messy looks.  Longer lengths have also been heated to be pin-straight, though let’s be honest because the moment you move even a fraction of an inch all that work will be lost.  These ideals are boring and outdated, while taking the time to gather your hair into a sophisticated bun that is still playful and where imperfections are part of style’s charm is now preferred.  Placement is another key factor, as high buns accentuate the neck while drawing attention to the cheekbones, while a bun set lower on the head can be read as stern or rigid.  The minimalism compliments the most physically appealing parts of the body, that being the neck and clavicle area, while also giving off the illusion there is more volume to the hair which grants the wearer an instant height addition.  Of course the essential styling tool everyone must have to pull the look off is confidence, though the lack of decorum might get one expelled from the library.


With the location of this bun being at the crown of the head, it is easy to see why the bun gives an ‘instant face lift’ effect by immediately drawing attention to the eyes and cheeks while making the neck long and lean.  Since the sides are not severely pulled back yet unruly bangs are tucked away, there is a definitive laid-back yet ladylike style.


If you enjoy the aesthetics of vintage designs but cannot seem to quite get the hang of rolls, waves or curls, opt for a set of bun bangs instead.  Gather hair in the back for the usual elegant top knot, leaving a section in the front for a large, loose twist, securing with a few hair pins and perhaps just a touch of spray.


Setting the bun on the nape of your neck guides eyes to the lovely curves it has and would be nice paired with open shoulder dresses or tops.  Bring in some texture by way of looped curls, which would look lovely decorated with rhinestones or pearls.


Here a hair weaving technique has been integrated with a few curls and soft, low bun.  Though it can be on the more formal side, one can also wear the style with casual street wear and set a new trend for being comfortable yet fashionable.


Combining a sleek ponytail with a braided section that opens into a full but not over sized bun, ideal for prom but obviously also appropriate for red carpet events as demonstrated here by Jessica Simpson.  You can always set the bun higher on your head or even braid it for a different interpretation this style.


A bun can also be an easy way to finish off other braided designs, such as having a thick French braid down one side that ends with a loose bun.  Have fun experimenting with different braiding techniques as well as placement to find what suits you best and glam it up with your favorite accessories!



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