Amazing Amethyst

Connected to wisdom and mysticism alike, amethyst is the birthstone of February and Zodiac stone for the constellation of Pisces.  This gem is the purple variety of mineral quartz, and though there is a wide range of shades, the richer colors are considered to be more valuable.  The name itself is derived from the Greek word amethystos which means means “remedy against drunkeness”, perhaps due to a belief amethyst could ward off the effect of alcohol.  Cut gems are graded using the terms Siberian, Uruguayan or Bahain to represent high, medium and low regardless of the source.  Since purple is traditionally a royal color, amethyst has been used since the dawn of history to adorn the rich, powerful monarchs and rulers.  Other symbolism and meaning attached to this jewel include loyalty, humbleness, individuality and originality, while it is said to hold healing properties effective for treating headaches, insomnia, arthritis and circulatory issues as well as being general pain relief.  An amethyst is also known as the “sober stone”, as it is believed to treat various types of addictions.  No matter what your reason for wanting to radiate with the essence of the gem’s significance, use this guide project balance, peace and inner strength.



1 – With a revamped formula that is said to deliver a high performance product, Urban Decay’s eyeshadows are rich, smooth and velvety to produce stunning application.  There are 68 delicious shades, but I chose Psychedelic Sister for it’s deep tones and luminous sheen which is sure to make your eyes pop.

2 – Incite envy with Hysteric by Sugarpill, a metallic loose shadow that has tiny turquoise sparkles alongside radiant sparks of green.  Use with your favorite products to create a sultry smokey eye that rivals all the rest.

3 – The jumbo sized Soft Touch Shadow Pencil from NARS offers a portable product with plenty of versatility that has an easy, yet long-wearing application.  Named for Andy Warhol’s 1970 film of the same name, Trash is an amazingly vivid purple ideal to use as a base for layering to increase color intensity.

4 – From the moment it adorns your eyes, Makeup Geek Gel Liner is a waterproof formula perfect for making precision lines, gliding along smoothly and leaving behind a smudge-proof pigments that will have you feel like you are getting the royal treatment in no time.

5 – Drama can be easily added to any look with Underworld, a shimmering iridescent blueberry violet lipstick by Illamasqua that is full of intensive color and promises to give you the perfect all night pout.

6 – Establish voluptuous lips Ultra-Shine Lip Gloss from Dolce & Gabbana, the ornate amethyst imparting a dewy glow that will make your lips look like glass, ensuring professional application and heavily concentrated when combined with lipstick or liner.

7 – Going towards the darkest tones in the spectrum, Endless Night is one of those iconic NARS Nail Polishes that have UV protection to prevent the beautiful black grape from discoloring and is ideal for those who may feel purple is too bold for the face.

8 – Layer a few coats of Tokaïdo Express, a Shimmer Polish that is a black amethyst with flecks of gold, on top for a galactic touch, or wear it on its own to appreciate the opulent glow it gives your manicure.

9 – Of course you can always add an extra dose of shine to any of your completed makeup looks by using Cosmetic Glitter and simply patting it on the areas you wish to enhance.  Remember to always read labels so you know exactly what areas it is safe to apply to.

10 – This high precision Eyelash Curler from the Sephora Collection does its job well without pinching, giving your lashes the ultimate curl and traveling with you where ever you go.

11 – Gems are not just for jewelry, as exhibited by these 1.8mm Swarvoski flat back crystals that can be put anywhere on the face or body with a dot of eyelash or latex glue.

12 – Launched in 2011, Electric Amethyst is one of Manic Panic’s newer shades, a semi-permanent vegan dye that you can use to put a few shocking streaks in your hair or for an all over captivating color.


Though by now this portion of the guide does not need an actual introduction, I always feel the need to give credit where it is due, especially when it comes to creating custom body jewelry.  The names that have become synonymous with breathtaking and brilliant constantly produce nothing but the best in cutting edge designs, many of which sparkle with cut gems.  Iridescent hues are anodized onto titanium which expand the range of eyelets and other pieces that were once only offered in stale stainless steel.  While there is nothing inherently wrong with wearing such jewelry, I am constantly on the lookout for the newest items to satiate my evolving aesthetics and offer them here for those who may share them.


1 –  Two rows of gems are always better than one, as seen here on Anatometal’s titanium 1″ Super Orbit Eyelets that have an exterior row of synthetic amethyst, while cubic zirconia gems float around the middle portion.

2 – It is always recommended that your holes be healthy and happy before attempting to wear any other shape besides circular, but when they are you can adorn them with Teardrop Gemmed Eyelets.  This pair measures 5/8″, is made from anodized blurple titanium, and is covered with synthetic amethyst and opal alongside cubic zirconia gems.

3 – Speaking of custom work, the 10ga Circular Barbell shown above is forged from ASTM F-136 titanium anodized copper and set with synthetic amethyst threaded prong ends that flank a black cubic zirconia captive gem bead.

4 – For a more subtle flash, one might want to try the 0ga Gemmed Eyelets that are also a rich anodized blurple titanium, though flares have been decorated with white and mint green cubic zirconias next to synthetic amethyst.

5 – Each piece of these 16ga Captive Bead Rings can be modified by changing the color of the titanium and stones to produce a wide variety of unique jewelry.  Here they have been anodized to a dark purple that clutch clusters of synthetic opal and genuine amethyst cabochon gems.

6– It might be obvious how much I enjoy having more options when it comes to selecting nostril jewelry, and the Gold Flower serves as a fine specimen of why.  The petals are made from amethyst zirconia with a fuchsia center, and the flowers can measure from 4.5 to 7mm to suit your  personal tatste.

7 – Yellow gold might not be your thing, and so they have Flower Nostril Screws that come in white gold as well, like this snazzy little number that has amethyst petals and a faceted rose quartz in the middle.

8 – The white gold Classic Prong curved bar from Body Vision Los Angeles has a low profile with 3mm and 4mm prong set amethyst that transcends whatever cheap trend du jour other sites may be trying to sell.  This is high quality jewelry for responsible people who want to invest in their modifications.

9 – Small gems are lovely and all, but if you really want to make a statement you might as well just go for it and wear a big ol’ hunk of amethyst in your labret, such as this 0ga stone piece by Oracle Body Jewelry.  The wearable surfaces have been smoothed and polished, but the end has been left slightly rough for a more natural looking finish.

Resources: February Birthstone, Amethyst


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