Sideshow at the Rail

[Originally written on this date in 2005]

There is something else that happened to me due to joining MySpace, which was coming across someone else in this state who is a sideshow performer.  For a few weeks, he had been sending me info about doing his act alongside karaoke up at this place called the Rail in Boundbrook. Obviously intrigued by this, I casually made mention that if he ever needed some extra act my partner and I would happily make a guest appearance.  Setting up the whole thing was a breeze and I was then hit with the excitement of being in front of an audience again.

Once that settled in, my thoughts turned to Jon and my Outlaw Family – without them I would not even know any of the things I did nor the confidence to handle business the way I have been.  My brother is in a strange place and continues to give me his undying support, and if I did not have his blessing to pursue making Electric Sideshow successful, I highly doubt I would even be here right now.  By ‘here’, I mean living off the highway in the woods, just in case that came out the wrong way.

When days go by and I have no contact from him, I am always unsure of what I should do and wind up lost in thoughts of the worst possible outcome.  Then I need to remind myself of why I am doing this and focus all of my attention on that instead, though he is never far from my heart.

The evening of the show arrives  and I become entirely distracted, noting that the drive up was not bad.  In fact, the place was a lot closer than I had realized.  Though I have only been through Boundbrook on a few ocassions, but thought it was funny that as soon as I arrived in town I recognized the streets.  The venue itself is set next to the train tracks, hence the clever name.

What can I say? It was karaoke night but it’s also a place to pick up experience and possibly get the word out about who we are and what we do.  The guy who invited us up is absolutely awesome; he gave us some excellent tips on how do go about doing our thing.  Though performing at the Rail in the future will be for free, I do appreciate the opportunity and figure it is a good way to practice.  Besides, there are always ways to ask for donations that is acceptable after having showing the audience all the strange things you can do.

Despite the fact that I was incredibly nervous [first time at that venue and all], the show went off without a hitch.  The crowd reacted at just the right times, which made performing those acts that much more worth it.  Though they shout at you not to hammer that nail in your nose, they cannot tear their eyes away and applaud as you do it.  While the act may seem very basic, one might be surprised that the presentation can make the Human Blockhead seem like the most incredible thing anyone has ever seen.

Hung out a little bit after the whole thing and were thanked for coming out – the invitation to come back any time was also extended, which put an idea in my head.  It seems appropriate to use the venue as sort of “home base”, knowing we can perform there whenever we liked.  Repetition tends to make people remember, and it would be really nice to have a monthly show that can be easily advertised.  Seems like this social networking stuff is the way to go, which is weird because I am so used to doing the old-fashioned way but I can also put those skills to good use when conducting business.

Definitely was happy the entire drive back and spent the next few days doing some promotion for our next show at the Rail.  Somewhere during my rounds posting the e-flier, my friend informed me that Casino Evil was going to be doing a show at the Court Tavern.  Since I don’t even recall the last time I saw them play and still reveling in the Electric Sideshow plans I had, I was all for it.  Then again, I also wanted some alone time out of the house because there were too many conflicting feelings following the return from the Rail.  Supporting the local scene is also something I try to do as much as possible, even though I am working on booking my own shows.

Sitting in my car on a half-lit street I drank vodka to drown out the thoughts I did not want and gave me enough liquid courage to breeze into the Court; Casino Evil was just taking the stage by the time I made my way downstairs.  For however long the set was, I seemed glued to one spot and was kind of just rocking out to the music without really thinking about what I was doing.

After the set I went to leave my mark on the wall in the back room and was please to see that the old one was still there.  This time I took up some space with a bumper sticker and wasted no time scrawling Electric Sideshow’s website URL across it.

Since I wasn’t all that interested in the other bands I decided to split and headed off to a diner where I happened to run into a few people I knew.  Mandy sweetly complimented my make-up, admitting that she was a bit jealous that it always looked so nice. which I have to say is a huge ego boost.  Ordered some breakfast and was on my way to enjoying that when my friend James stopped by the table and we engaged in a bit of chatting, mainly me expressing my happiness of the show I did recently.  Now I honestly do not give a shit about other people’s opinions of this guy; my partner has beef with him, due to the fact James once dated his best friend, but I have no idea what the problem is.  Anything that happened between the two of them is not my business, and who I choose to be friends with should not have to be influenced by that.  Being the monkey-in-the-middle when it come to a relationship is completely unfair to be that person, not knowing who is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.

Anyway, James has always treated me with great respect, loving the fact that I have the confidence to look the way I do and don’t bother myself with what other people say.  Furthermore, he also mentioned that if for whatever reason I needed to reach out to him as someone to talk to, he would lend an open ear.  That closed the deal for me, as none of my partner’s friends ever said that to me.  The man speaks the truth and I have nothing against him – I am sorry that it took me so long to even mention that I do have one friend around here.  Suppose I did not want to upset my partner, but we just perform together and sometimes I confuse that with being in an actual relationship.

Day time would be approaching soon, so I headed back to the house to get some sleep.


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