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Inevitably this time of year is marked with merchandise that is supposed to lure us in and somehow reflect the feelings we have towards someone special in our lives, whether you have known each other for a few months or recently celebrated your 30th wedding anniversary.  Being an advocate of Ant-Valentine’s Day, where one totally ignores all the pleas from corporations to use material things as displays of love and affection in favor of spoiling themselves.  For those who are single, do not subscribe to conventional relationships or simply just have no desire to celebrate such a ridiculous ‘holiday’, there is an immense amount of social pressure to feel guilty that someone is not lavishing them with gifts and I find it to be unacceptable.  There is nothing wrong with having the confidence to love yourself before trusting the emotion to a complete stranger who may as well be lying just to get what they want.

The point is that love comes in many forms and can be in expressed in some of the most beautiful and creative ways among all the species in the world, and are we really going to do that with items that are mass produced with little to no thought or emotion behind them?

Alternatives to spending February 14th doing anything but moping or avoiding all the annoying couples who put on elaborate shows of public affection so we all just how loving they are include:

  • Going to the beach with your friends and having a picnic/bonfire, responsibly of course.
  • Make a collage of things that inspire you and hang it in a visible place for daily affirmations.
  • Change one aspect of your appearance – it can be as minor/major as you desire.
  • Read a book or watch a movie you really enjoy with someone who never has to create a new experience for you both.
  • Hike through nature, take pictures and stop somewhere to just enjoy what you see around you.
  • Spend time with people who generally make you feel good about yourself.

If none of those sound appealing then perhaps some quiet time in the bath would assist in escaping the chaos of cupids and chocolates, which can be achieved by using these fresh products from LUSH.


Ease cynical celebrations with The Ex-Factor, a fun bath bomb that quenches your thirst for revenge without having to face that heartless bastard one last time.  As this pseudo voodoo doll dissolves it will calm nerves with soothing blue water while vanilla scented musk helps you forget they even existed as the tiny heart gets washed down the drain.


Hailed as a “world famous sphere of sex appeal”, Sex Bomb certainly lives up to its name by way of an intoxicating mixture of jasmine, clary sage and ylang ylang that act as powerful aphrodisiacs.  Your body will also relish the softening powers of soya milk that will leave skin feeling as smooth as silk.


Part of the LUSH We Believe statement which appears on their bags and website states the company’s belief “in the right to make mistakes, lose everything and start again”, and Phoenix Rising is certainly a tribute to that.  Sinking to the bottom of the tub, it slowly rises up and fizzes while releasing a cinnamon and spicy apple scent with a twist of orange meant to lift spirits and fill you with inspiration.


Combining the fragrances of rose and orris root, Tisty Tosty is meant to relieve tension as it warms you with positive vibes.  The added touch of jasmine to this love potion improves rough or dry skin, which is ideal if you are spending time under the sheets with someone.


A very limited edition bubble bar, Magic Mushroom is full of fruity smells and plenty of soft bubbles.  The red cap contains creamy Vanillary perfume while the white stem has captured the aroma of fresh strawberries, both of which offer relaxation for an enchanting bath.


If love has you down The Comforter is there to supply your with plenty of purple water and creamy bubbles to console your soul.  The welcoming rich bouquet of blackcurrant and cassis absolute wraps you up in feelings of warm cotton that you are welcome to snuggle in until ready to deal with the world again.


With a name that is rumored to have been influenced by a former LUSH staff member who had to be relocated from once office to another after “using up all the single ladies”, Two Timing Tart has plenty of coconut cream that makes skin soft in a milky bath scented with soothing geranium and sensual jasmine.


No longer will you have ‘one of those days’ when Happy Bubble is around!  Cheery aquamarine waters greet you with the fragrances of tangerine and orange blossom that rise and surround you with clouds of reassuring steam.  The aromatherapy of neroli oil is said to curb anxiety, while sandalwood alleviates and tones to skin to leave you feeling refreshed.


Often the Winter weather can wreak havoc on the skin, so if you find yourself suffering from dryness or irritation, perhaps it’s time to try In The Nude.  This tranquil bath melt contains lavender, rose, and chamomile oils that treat dry patches while you soak up the cocoa butter infused waters.


Inspired by a traditional Chinese tale of love conquering all, Willow Pattern is made from creamy rose, Sicilian lemon and rosewood soap; a limited edition that is only available through the end of the month.


Advertised to be “sexy, sultry and sensual”, Lust Soap is infused with jasmine absolute that is known to come with Lust perfume, so that you can layer on both for the ultimate weapon of seduction.


Though it may look and smell good enough to eat, The Godmother is meant for your hands though can be used on any part of the body.  Fans of Snow Fairly will recognize the intoxicating aroma of bubblegum and candy floss that comes in a vibrant pink and red package.


Touted as the world’s first soft-centered massage bar, Tender Is The Night has a shell composed of light shea and murmuru butter that is easily crushed in your hands.  The center reveals a bounty of almond oil, glycerine, cupuaçu and agave syrup scented with jasmine, ylang ylang and vanilla perfume that you cannot resist massaging all over.


Decadence is personified with Chocolala, a rich massage bar infused with the sweet scent of violets and containing what is said to be “shameful quantities” of dark chocolate that is certain to melt into your skin.


Speaking of products inspired by tempting confections, Chocolate Whipstick has ingredients such as oats, almond and wheatgerm oils to reduce dryness, while beeswax adds waterproofing to protect sensitive skin.  Then there is a dose of vanilla absolute and orange oil, not to mention real chocolate, all of which melds together to tone lips.


Another first from the LUSH lab, The Kiss is a vegan lip gloss that is free from preservatives yet protects your lips and gives them a slight glossy pink sheen.  Shea and cupuaçu butters blend together to moisturize, while a hint of almond and mandarin flavors might make for an irresistible pout.


Prior to applying either lip balm, scrub with Bubble Gum, which contains Fair Trade sugar to exfoliate and castor oil to moisturize.  It also has the same sweet fragrance that Snow Fairy does, while jojoba oil effectively softens the skin.


Though it has become an increasingly popular color among alternative models, pinups and fetish icons, there are so many shades of red that if the idea of processing your locks with harsh chemicals is unappealing, then you might want to try out Caca Rouge Mama.   This dye is made with the reddest dye and using the finest Persian henna where the leaves are dried, ground into powder and then mixed with conditioning cocoa butter.  Hair will also be left shiny and lustrous thanks to organic lemon juice, rosemary and clove bud oil.

Always do a strand test before taking the plunge in case you are not ready for hair that might stop traffic, and be sure to protect your neck, ears and hairline.

How To Use

  1. Cut henna into small pieces and place in heatproof bowl.
  2. Add hot water and let steep.  Mix to yogurt-like consistency.
  3. Put on gloves and apply from back to front, thoroughly coating hair.
  4. Cover in cling wrap for more vibrant color.  Leave on for one to six hours.
  5. Rinse, shampoo and condition hair.
  6. Dry, style and enjoy!


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