Kung-Fu Shoes: See Spot Strut

There is something about the repetition of circles on a solid background that I find gleeful, as they add immediate interest to garments and accessories alike while invoking a variety of influences, some of which have been explored here in the past.  While some trends come and go, this one seems to remain prominent among contemporary fashions from the runway to street wear.  Personally I have yet to acquire a much coveted pair of polka dot shoes, though my aim is to find ones that not only can be easily incorporated into my wardrobe, but also offer comfort with long-term wear.  If all else fails, one could potentially create a stencil and add their own spots to their favorite pair of shoes, though I would suggest some practice before attacking footwear and making a mess instead of art.


The sparse dots on Iron Fist’s Faunarama Wedge are accented by a bright turquoise halo that matched the print on the platform which depicts darling does, skulls, bunnies and bows, with a contrasting brilliant red interior that has been infected by smaller dots; a buckled strap with dangling skull charm keeps these babies on your feet while you are out and about.


Another example of how polka dots don’t always have to be the center of attention, Posey is a great lace up platform boot with soft pink background covered in kisses, blue plants and plenty of skulls and cross bones.  The black and white polka dot print packs a punch to the heel and platform, as well as trims a few of the boots curves.


Break out of mundane fashion ‘rules’ with the eye-popping Lolita Love, a hybrid of bold polka dots and realistic leopard print .  The large red flower is removable and perhaps could find a home in your favorite hairstyle, while the leopard print bow and secret interior illustrations are nice details not to be overlooked.


Unexpected style strikes again where Lounge Days takes the Society Suicide print and mixes it with the same bold white and black polka dots we saw on the boot above.  This time dainty touches such as a matching bow, buckle ankle strap and skull charm along with a rounded toe and open top accentuate your feet, while a black and turquoise striped interior pulls all of the colors together.


Here we have the original Society Suicide platform pump in all of its dazzling satin beauty, a floral print standing out against the black background. Though it might be difficult to see in this profile photo, there is a polka dot strap that reaches across the foot and ends in the big bow on the side.



The Ink Polka Ruffle Wedge from T.U.K. is an innovated design for alternative fashion fans, featuring a black leather peep toe upper placed on a polka dot pedestal, ruffled detail along the top and bows accenting the vamp as well as the back heel.


Though it consists of only two pairs at the moment, my Red Shoe Collection is something I take pride in because I enjoy having quality shoes that can really set an outfit off, and these are currently at the top of my Must Have List.  An updated Bordello style, the Big Easy is six inches of red and white polka dot beauty, a Mary Jane strap finishing off the top and ensuring your security for an adventurous evening.


Cure those Winter blues by planning your Spring wardrobe around retro and vintage themes, which can be done with a snazzy little number named Shelly.  Surprisingly the design comes from Paris Hilton, which does not deter from the sophisticated polka dots on a peep toe pump that is set atop five inches of cork, a double-stacked bow accenting the vamp.


Simply deceptive, these black and yellow pump are a collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama, where the choice of a perky primary produces distinct difference against the daring dark LV logo printed along the pump, which has been set off nicely with a patent vinyl polka dot bow.


Hailed as a long time icon of alternative footwear, Dr. Marten never ceases to amaze and presents this delightful pair of Pink Polka Dot Boots, the candy pink color nicely set off by black eyelets and laces.


A hodgepodge of four different types of polka dots in various color combinations, this peep toe wedge sandal by Pierre Hardy is not your average discount shoe store reject, but rather the future of fashionable footwear that comes with a high price tag.


At first glance this shoe may seem like a lot to take in, but I simply love Aphrodite by Irregular Choice, footwear that was certainly made to feel anyone feel like a deity.  The platform is covered in a navy polka dot fabric accented by matching patent bows and trimmed with red piping.  The open toe leads to a cage style toe, where a cushion of red and white polka dot are waiting to spoil your feet.  The suede heel and metallic snake skin type interior round out the details that make this a truly fantastic shoe.  On the bottom is the real surprise, where you will find a turquoise wallpaper of tridents and flowers offset an illustration of a mermaid riding a seahorse.  These are perhaps the most decadent pair in this guide, but all are equally easy to wear when coordinated with the right dose of confidence!


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