Keen On Aquamarine

Derived from the Latin words “aqua marina”, which translates to “sea water” and is indicative of this gemstone’s color, the aquamarine is a member of the Beryl family and can be found in Brazil, Nigeria, Zambia, Madagascar and the Ukraine.  As the birthstone of March and those born under the sign of Pisces, aquamarine is symbolic of bravery, fidelity and friendship, while reports also suggest it can be used to treat throat problems and stress-related illnesses.  The serene color of this gem is said to calm tempers, allowing those who wear it to channel calmness and remain levelheaded in any situation, while the pale hue is one that compliments Spring and Summer wardrobes.  Believed to protect sailors and ensure they had a safe voyage while navigating dangerous oceans, it is ideal to incorporate aquamarine into looks that have a nautical theme to them.

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1 – Perfectly paired, the iridescent ocean blue kissed with golden mist and rich turquoise that make up Burn It Blue by NARS is a Cream Eyeshadow advertised to blend easily and resists creases with a lightweight formula.  Wear each shade alone or together, layering for intensity or just using them as a subtle wash to a liquid lined cat eye.

2 – Notoriously bright, Sugarpill continuously sets trends as an alternative and independent makeup brand, but with Pressed Eyeshadow such as Mochi – a matte seafoam with slight pearl sheen – it is easy to see why.  Top off with one of their glittery loose shadows for a look that packs an exta punch!

3 – Precision lines can be used to enhance and accent your eyes, drawn dramatically for extra emphasis or lightly dotted along facial curves for a unique touch.  Fierce feline fantasies are achieved with Kitty, an Eyeliner pencil that is powerful enough on its own but plays well with other products too.

4 – Highly concentrated mother-of-pearl pigments provide a luminous finish said to resist creasing and smudges even “under the most extreme conditions”, and the multipurpose Aqua Cream Waterproof Color can be applied to eyes, lips or cheeks.

5 –  Instant sparkle in a tube is the best way to describe Too Faced’s Starry Eyed Liquid Liner, which can be applied to the lash line for restrained shimmer, or all over the lid for a look befitting a disco queen.  The micro-glitter is also non-irritating, but it would be better to go with a pair of Glitter Tipped Eyelashes just to avoid any glitter-in-eye disasters.

6 –  Filled with plenty of iridescent specks that might make your manicure reminiscent of glimmering shells on the bottom of the ocean, Gone Gonzo by OPI is a stunning nail varnish which may have been pried from the clutches of a mermaid princess.

7 –  Designed to put the “fun” back into functional makeup application, the Make Me Cool Essential Kit comes with a dozen brushes that have vibrantly colored handles which happens to match the innovative container; it is also a way to organize and display the brushes.

8 – Crystal adorned temporary tattoos have been seen everywhere from Italian runways to the streets of California, the elegant designs quickly becoming a vogue fashion craze because of how many different occasions you can wear one.  Though this particular one is suggested to be placed around the navel, it can beautify other areas of the body as well.

9 – Though it requires your hair to be a decently pale blonde, Manic Panic’s Atomic Turquoise is a brilliant shade that starts out dark and gently fades to paler shades the longer it is left without a touch-up, making it great for creating ethereal ombre effects.



1 – There is no shortage of dazzle when it comes to Anatometal’s Super Gemmed Eyelets, where the interior has been filled by a gleaming cubic zirconia, and the flared edges of titanium anodized yellow is set off by synthetic aquamarine stones.

2 –  Even at a smaller gauge, this pair of Gemmed Eyelets still have plenty of shimmer in the form of synthetic aquamarine gems wrapped in titanium that has been anodized to a light blue.

3 – For those seeking a more unique style, these Super Ellipse Eyelets offer a pair of synthetic peridot gems that sit inside an oval of alternating synthetic aquamarine and pink cubic zirconias.

4 –  Rounding out the ‘Sparkly Things For Your Ears’ category are these amazing Floating Stone Eyelets, where a genuine aquamarine gem seems to levitate in the middle of brilliant green titanium.

5 –  Heading over to Body Vision Los Angeles territory, one is immediately distracted by a field of gleaming petals, and upon bending down to inspect them, you find the white gold flower has bloomed in mint green and aquamarine, which is plucked and then placed in your nostril.

6 – Though not a scepter for an incredibly tiny member of royalty, the Princess Gem Nostril Screw has plenty of blue titanium that clutches an aquamarine stone which might make you feel as though you are wearing a piece of treasure.

7 – Giving plenty of options to customize jewelry ensures a variety that did not exist when piercings were first becoming more popular, so it is nice to always see updated versions of classics such as the Gem Captive Bead Ring, where titanium transitions from one blue to another in a subtle splash of something different.

8 – Another example is this Gem Labret Spike, where the pointed end that can seem intimidating has been replaced by an aquamarine cubic zirconia, and the jewelry can be worn in other piercings such as nostrils or ears.

9 – Saving the best for last, Tumble 5 by BVLA is a curved barbel that has articulated links which feature diamonds and aquamarine gems, and while the site suggests this piece is better suited for a navel, I would be highly tempted to wear it in my vertical labret.


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