Eating Cheesequake

[Originally written on this date in 2005]

Currently everyone else that lives in this house is visiting another state, so I am sitting down to write about things that have been happening, without the worry someone will come and bitch at me because they want to play a video game.  Since it was another of those slightly warmer days, I figured it would be nice to go out for a walk.  Destination of choice was Cheesequake Lake, as it has been a dog’s age since I have been there.  When I arrived I discovered that the park was closed, and I am sorry but I feel like I need to take this moment to voice a complaint about this.  How can these parks close so damn early?  What is wrong with keeping them open to at least six or seven?  Do they not realize how much fun places like that are in the dark?  According to the parks department website, they close at “sunset” for the protection of visitors and wildlife, which I guess I can understand.

Since I was already out driving, I traveled down Route 34 South to just enjoy the scenery.  At some point I spotted the tiny Roadside Diner and figured that was a good place to stop for a while.  It felt like I had stepped through a time warp when I went inside, filling my belly with a slice of cheesecake and cup of coffee.  On the road again, I passed the Wall raceway swear that I saw a derelict drive in.  Had it not been so windy out, I would have stopped to check things out, but I wanted to reach the Shore before it was dark.

Arrived in Seaside just as the sun was setting.  Sunset by the sea is always a brilliant show, and this was no exception.  The sun was a giant pink ball, casting the color on the underneath of purple clouds, fading into orange and eventually blue that got darker towards the east, the entire scene dancing on the water.  Was surprised at the amount of people that littered the boardwalk, but they were there due to early Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations, staggering around drunk as fuck or tightly packed into one of the many bars that were opened.  A few food stands and arcades were up and running as well, but for the most part, the boards were dark.  As the sun sank below the horizon, the wind seemed to pick up and I could not deny being cold, so I headed back to my car.

Not thinking the meters were being checked, I was shocked to discover a ticket on my window.  At least I was not the only car that had one.  Hunger struck me on the way home, but I did not want to stop at any of the fast food joints, so I stopped at the supermarket to swipe myself some dinner.  Went to the liquor store as well, because free food does not taste nearly as good as it does with free booze.

By the time I was done consuming both, I started thinking back to this time last year and how unsatisfied I was with the way things were, and constantly lamented about needing my other half.  Every time I am within his grasp, we wind up going out separate ways and I wonder why he hesitates to take what he wants.

To distract myself I decided to take another visit to Englishtown, curious to see how many people would be out selling.  Also happened to need a stool for some sideshow acts, and while I do not mind borrowing one, it would be good to have my own for those instances when one might not be readily available.  Showered, dressed and headed out, pleased that the weather had finally decided to behave, though the wind wasn’t helping with enjoyment.  Disappointed that so many vendors were packing up when I arrived and I had only myself to blame for taking so long to get ready.  However, I do not believe in wasting the day, especially when the sun is out in a clear sky.

People tend to leave things behind when the item isn’t sold, as they don’t feel like dragging it back home with them, and that is why it’s fun to poke though the bins, as you never know what you might find.  Also, whatever does get left is up for grabs and you can occasionally come across something with incredible value.  In my case I came across a lovely little storage cabinet, but I wanted to walk around for a bit more before deciding if I wanted to try and get it in my car.  Finding no other treasures, I pulled my car into the selling area and easily hoisted the cabinet in.  With a little paint and shiny handles it will be good as new.  I love free stuff!

On the way home I attempted to stop at the Oldbridge Diner, but for some reason it was closed, so I went over to the Seville instead.  Dined on a BLTC sandwich with a side of freshly made potato chips and fries, complimented by a chunk of pickle and cup of coleslaw.  Not really fancy but it hit the spot and was a nice way to wind down my day, even if I got lost in though a few time before coming back to the house.


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