Kung-Fu Shoes: In the Nude

Having covered just about every color in the rainbow and then some, let us turn now to the latest fashion trend circling red carpets and walkways alike: nude shoes.  At first I was skeptical of flesh toned footwear and thought it might make the feet look took naked and throw off a whole outfit.  However, when I began scoping sites for styles to fill up this guide, I realized that they are far more practical than I gave them credit for.  When heading into the office, sometimes the last thing on your mind is slipping on a pair of amazing pumps – after all, Iron Fist graphics may not be suitable for all corporate audiences.  Though color is always encouraged when coordinating a stellar ensemble, the addition of a nude shoe could very well prevent distraction from a flawless makeup job or perfectly coiffed curls.  Finally, depending on the shape, finish and even application, nude will become the new black, or pink, or whatever it is the kids are wearing these days.


Imitations may exist, but none can duplicate the quality of Pleaser and their Tattoo Print Pumps, which have a creamy background that has been covered in anchors, keys, swallows and stars.  The interior is a lovely shade of red, though personally I would remove the satin bows and likely relocate them to my hair.


Black lace surrounds a nude satin base to form Bordello’s Beauty, a Victorian style kitten heel ankle boot that may very well carry frills and flowers to project an image of femininity, but only the imagination limits the number of ways the boots can be combined with other articles of clothing.


Death’s Head moths surrounded by hearts, flowers and broken mesh are just the beginning of why I am infatuated with Iron Fist’s Lovelace Heels.  A pouf of tulle sits atop the peep toe while a black satin ribbon ties around your ankle to strap you into five and half inches of platformed glory, where you are ready for whatever adventure the evening may offer.


Though the tone of Jeffrey Campbell’s Lisa Marie is slightly more tan than taupe, there is something about the silhouette that piqued my interest straight away.  Upon closer inspection, the golden studs, toe cap and vertical plates on the back strap are all details which make this high heeled boot anything but ordinary.


Two of Jeffrey Campbell’s signature styles have been combined to form the sleek and sexy Foxy Nite; the Foxy t-bar upper is set on the Night Walk base and both have been covered in soft nude suede.  Ideally these would be worn with those essential soft chiffon Summer dresses, denim shorts and a tank top, or even with your favorite swimsuit.


Create a lasting impression with Betsey Johnson’s Makenna, a slingback style peep toe platform in a blushing nude patent that has an adjustable heel strap accented by a gold buckle, and subtle leopard print interior.


The blush hued nude patent straps, over-sized buckle and spiked wedge are all elements that make Betsey Johnson’s Morggann your sole mate for the Summer, combining simple structure with edgy details to give you a versatile shoe that will stand out yet not take over your outfit.


On the paler end of the spectrum one can find Regan, a platform sandal with plenty of attitude by Penny Sue that features a sculpted heel, gold spikes studded along straps and a back zippy that makes them easy to put on or take off.


Advertised as a “must have neutral”, Cannes by Just Fabulous has a chic open toe nude patent upper and a geometric woven pattern on the platformed heel which will give your feet a ‘light’ and ‘airy’, especially while lounging in a garden sipping ice cold home made lemonade; vodka optional.


Rumored to be inspired by Ivanka Trump, Eris from Kelsi Dagger is said to be able to make one feel like a million bucks, with caged straps as the upper made from polished beige patent, an elastic heel strap which allows for the right fit, and a platform that elevates you above the rest of the peasants.


Though it may seem a bit demure compared to some of the other styles presented here, Gwost by Guess has cutout details along beige leather that wraps your foot in natural comfort.  The wooden heel and platform continue that organic feel, and the open toe design ensures you can wear it no matter how warm the weather gets.


For fans of casual street wear, Ego and Greed offers Detroit, a sneaker with an old school shape, thick black rubber sole that allegedly “gets more awesome with age”, and patches held on by small circular gold studs.  Whether you are dressing down or getting ready to rock out, one should definitely have at least one pair of sneakers that are going to withstand endless hours of stomping to your favorite band or long nights wandering sidewalks of your favorite city.


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