Diamond Diehards

Regarded as having the highest value among gemstones, the diamond has been an emblem of passion, devotion, excellence and class for centuries.  Due to its supreme clarity and hardness, it is also a symbol of sovereignty and brilliancy, while throughout history they were looked upon as a magical item.  Unable to be cut and impervious to fire made the Greeks believe they were tears of the gods, and Romans considered them to be splinters of fallen stars.  There are said to be healing properties that diamonds possess, and at one time Marilyn Monroe sang a song about how they are a “girl’s best friend”, but the truth is that everyone can enjoy them.  Whether a representation of engagement, celebrating an anniversary or you just really like the way they sparkle, there is no denying society’s fixation on diamonds and how they are often equated to the amount of feelings one person has for another.  Though I certainly cannot deny the appeal of these dazzling gems, I also understand they come at a price and would never ask for nor expect them for anything.  On that same note, this guide encompasses the aesthetics and transforms them into more affordable products that can still capture their unrivaled beauty.



1  – Proclaim your eccentricity and relish dense pigmentation by sweeping Moonflower across your eyelids, the soft creamy white Powder Eyeshadow delivering a gorgeous shimmer finish that is concentrated and long-lasting.

2 – Distribute robust, brilliant color with Yeyo, a metallic white 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil composed of moisturizing ingredients in a waterproof formula that glides on evenly, allowing for efficient blending which will stay put all night once dry.

3 – A multipurpose creation that can highlight cheeks, eyes and brows, Beguile is a Pure Pigment with light shimmer which can be worn on its own or mixed with other products depending on the type of effect you want to achieve.

4 – With summer looming on the calendar, a Pure Sheer SPF Treatment to nourish and hydrate lips may be in order; Bianca is a pearl tint with plenty of shine that would be even more stunning topped by a few coats of Albatross Lip Gloss.

5 – Invigorate your visage and shade, brighten, enhance or defining your anatomy by using Intrigue, a white highlighting Powder Blush that has a matte finish and will make you the center of attention.

6 – Composed almost entirely of pure synthetic mother-of-pearl particles, Diamond Powder in White Gold 2 merges pearly iridescence and bright glitter that results in a white powder packed with gold shimmer which can be applied on eyes, cheeks, lips and body for plenty of luster.

7 – Enduring whatever adventure you may find yourself on, Edelweiss is a sheer white Nail Polish that gives any manicure unbelievable sheen, though it can be enhanced with a few layers of Zizi, a clear sheer polish that has plenty of peach and gold glitter for the ultimate shine.

8 – To augment the appeal of your finished look, try some iridescent white Glitter where lightweight particles can be put on the face or body with a wet brush and will emphasize the area in sparkling elegance.

9 – Whether using the Vanity Brush Set at home or when you are traveling, the six essential makeup brushes coming in a stylish case which allows you to achieve any design you desire.



1 – There is no denying my fascination with opulent body jewelry, and for readers of previous guides it should come as no surprise that I consider Body Vision Los Angeles at the forefront of decadent designs.  The Paloma Square are visually appealing yellow gold eyelets that have a very prominent diamond shape in the middle, which happens to serve as the base and setting for an eccentric black diamond.

2 – Anatometal also deserves recognition for offering their own brand of sparkling jewelry, such as the Super Teardrop Eyeylets which have gems surrounding the entire perimeter.  While the stone in the center may be a Cubic Zironica, often said to be the poor person’s alternative to a diamond, it does not diminish the overall aesthetic of the set.

3 – Another trend coming up on the market are inserts, usually a cutout that fills the interior space of an eyelet and gives it an instant makeover while others have something to stare at other than a gaping hole.  Stainless steel is contrasted by bronze in the Nouveau Eyelets, where champagne gems captures the tone of both metals and blends them beautifully.

4 – Stretched lobes don’t get to have all the fun, as is evidenced by BVLA’s Dahlia, where the minimalism of a polished white gold ring has been augmented by 1 mm diamonds.  Though categorized for ears, I would wager this piece could just as easily be worn in a septum, nipple or even genital piercing.

5 –  The effortless way to bring glamour into your body jewelry is by trading in the traditional beads and ends for those set with precious gems.  A titanium captive bead ring suddenly becomes ten times more fascinating by snapping in an 18 karat yellow gold Captive Bead that holds a genuine diamond.

6 – Flowers are an eternal symbol of Spring, and there are plenty of them which can be found gracing various bars and curves.  Once again, 18 karat yellow gold is used but this time it creates the entirety of a Partial Bezel Navel Curve, which also features genuine Pink Tourmaline on the petals and an authentic diamond in the middle.

7 – Conspicuously parade your passion for perfumed petals with a Flower Navel Curve, crafted from 18 karat white gold and topped by a genuine diamond.  The six point flower on the other end is also set in white gold, where seven gemstones intensify the overall luster of the piece.

8 – Desires to be self-indulgent can be satiated with the Sarai Ring, as distinguished septums seem to be en vogue these days and have replaced skewed ‘horseshoes’.  The solid platinum ring has been loaded with diamonds which are going to be the focal point while it’s nestled inside your nose hole.

9 – Accessorizing your existing jewelry can revitalize a collection one has taken much time to cultivate, and as always I encourage them to be used beyond what they are marketed towards.  For instance, Misty is a Slinky that has a platinum chain hanging from a bezel cut diamond, a 5 mm pearl attached to the end, and though it is marketed as navel jewelry, I feel it can be worn on other pieces as well.

10 – Taking the familiar geometrical shape and filling it with 1.75 mm gems, the Kerry Diamond certainly examplifies the evolution of nostril jewelry.  A seemingly ordinary white gold post holds on to this gleaming Cluster where each gem has its own diamond shaped nook.

11 – Economic subsitutions do not have to be acrylic nightmares or mass-produced garbage if you are still willing to invest in the quality of the material itself.  An Ispa Nostril Screw in 18 karat yellow gold has a detailed disc which sets it apart, while a 1.5 mm cubic zirconia does its duty as a replacement diamond.

12 – Straight bars get a stylish makeover with Rose Bell, where eye-catching white gold explodes into magnificent forward facing 18 mm gem clusters.  These would definitely be superb as nipple jewelry, though they could be just as exquisite in ears, particularly industrials.

13 – Multipurpose pieces are quite handy for those who like to switch things up without having to buy pieces that are sold for specific piercings.  Abiding by Diamond Life, golden circular barbells hold on to forward facing bezel set gems that would promptly draw awareness from others.

14 – As mentioned earlier, sometimes the ends one chooses can be just as important as the jewelry it sits on.  The Altura, for instance, is a white gold cluster with 3 mm center encircled by 1 mm gems genuine diamonds, that would not fail to dazzle no matter where it was worn.

15 – Hands down, the best part of Lysa – yellow gold labret jewelry – are the interchangable threaded face plates, allowing one to have options depending on what mood you are in.  Both micro pave discs measure in at 11 mm; one is a handmade hammered shield while the other has been packed with 1.25 mm diamonds.


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