Drunkapalooza ’05: Day Three

Earlier this month I found out that Monster Mania Con 3 would be happening in Cherry Hill.  It is a major horror convention that draws hundreds of people, where you can meet goregeous celebrities and cult icons while browsing collectibles and other merchandise.  How fortunate that it coincided with Drunkapalooza.  Since I had other things planned for two of the other days, I decided to go on Friday.

Well, when I was checking the website I saw that Dee Snyder, Mister Strangeland himself would be there for a midnight screening of the film along with Robert Englund.  They would be doing a bit of a lecture prior to the movie and then a bit of banter afterwards, as well as being available for autographs.  Usually I do not really get excited about meet-and-greets since I am no crazed fan or anything like that, but I was in the mood to try something new.

A bottle of Sambuca and vanilla coke were my provisions for the evening, perhaps a nod to the major nostalgia I was feeling and the fact that my partner in crime was missing in action.  He would have loved to have been there to shake hands with the man who created Captain Howdy and made people uncomfortable by showing forced body modification procedures.

Driving to Cherry Hill seemed to take a lot longer than it used to, but I may have been caught up in emotions and whatnot prior to departure.  In any event, by the time I arrived the convention itself was pretty much over.  Vendors were beginning to pack away their wares but there was a line already forming where people waited for the chance to meet Dee.

While browsing what booths were left, I happened to run into the guy who hosts Karaoke Sideshow and inevitably had a chat about what had happened the previous evening.  He was very blunt when he said that the glass walking routine would no longer be performed at the venue, though I doubt it is solely due to the request of the Rail’s owner.  He babbled on about having seen other people get hurt performing the act and said something about how the risk of injury was not worth it for that crowd or some other bullshit.

Though I understand that gore is not the intent with the show, shit happens and you move on from it.  On the bright side, now I can say I have an act that has been officially banned by a venue and that’s got to count for something.  It may sound rude but I tuned him out as I tried not to be self-conscious about any scars that may have been visible.  You damn fools have no idea the amount of risks I have taken, the cuts and bruises I had, the blood I spilled while keeping a smile on my face.  Everything in sideshow comes with some degree of risk involved – if I failed to understand that or did not already accept the consequence years ago, I would not even be performing.

Anyway, the encounter left a sour taste in my mouth and and Strangeland was not going to be playing for at least another hour, so I went out to the car.  For the third night in a row I drank, though the decision was fueled by anger and frustration, furiously wishing I had a way to get in touch with Jon.  Instead I started doing shots of Sambuca and forgetting all about the vanilla coke.  Hey, my foot needed a drink.  The licorice flavor got too intense and I finally took a swig of the soda, hoping the scowl had vanished from my face.

Returned to the convention and was in a good mood so I paid the extra money to stand on line with the other autograph seekers.  It was worth hearing Dee say “Those are seriously stretched” in reference to my lobes as he shook my hand.  After he finished signing the photo he asked what I had sticking out of my purse, and at that point I gave him one of my business cards while explaining that I was a local sideshow performer.  He mentioned having just finished working with a troupe but was always looking to do more, though who knows if anything will come of it.

The encounter left me smiling and I followed signs to the auditorium where they were showing Strangeland.  Pre-film commentary was provided by Robert and Dee; there was hinting at a possible sequel in the future and other hilarious moments.  Even though I have seen the movie quite a few times in the past, for some reason it was fun being around a bunch of strangers, yet were were all there to enjoy the same thing.

My plan to make the Sambuca last for the rest of the weekend was scrapped when I returned to the house and grumbled to myself about how my foot needed to be drunker.


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