Skeletal Animals

In a time where there is zombie acceptance to the point where the living dead are found in popular movies, television shows and on a wide assortment of merchandise, one might become overwhelmed by all of the options and want to pursue another interest instead.  Enter the anatomical wonders that are see-through animals and the odd charm they can bring to your wardrobe.  Though bone prints have been done to death [no pun intended] as much as zombies have, there is still something appealing about shadowed skeletons of various animals.  Here are a few pieces to inject some creepy and kooky designs into your favorite fashions!


1 – Express your pleasure for summer love by wearing the X-ray Seahorses Necklace, the two-tone green and pink chain holding onto an enamel heart-shaped pendant that has lightning bolts pierced through it.  The colors of the boney oceanic equestrians coordinate with the chain, which also has a coffin charm and extender, where one aches while the other’s heart breaks.  [Kreepsville666 – $22]

2 – Cameo collectors can end their search for a peculiar piece, as the Skeleton Stag Necklace is an exclusive handmade design where the emaciated remains of a stag are set against a black cabochon.  A delicate black chain is secured to the intricate frame that twists around the cameo, making it a suitable accessory for any outfit.  [Diamond Star Halo – $26]

3 – Deflect diminutive demonic rodents with the Claw Cameo Ring, as they will quake in fear that you have harnessed the remarkable authority of their deceased predator.  Alternatively, you might just appreciate the contrast of the detailed bird skull contrasted by a flat black background surrounded by thorned curls that sit on an adjustable base.  [Too Fast – $10]

4 – Acquiring insight from images associated with rockabilly, tattoos and the 50’s, these DOTD Flamingo Earrings are hand drawn and focus on complex components such as the tiny hearts and dots adorning some of the bones.  Initiate a new trend with the matching necklace and for a kitschy way to add ghoulish glamour to any retro look.  [Dolly Cool – £7]

5 – Step right up to see these mystifying creatures of the sea, perfectly preserved for your edification and displayed here for all to witness the oddities for themselves.  Suspended from the silver hooks that were used to catch them are the marvelous Skeletal Seahorse Earrings, ready to purchase if one has enough fortitude to adorn the earlobes with them.  [Plasticland – $14]

6 – There are plenty of things to fancy about the Flamingo Bone Heel: the 5 ¼” shiny black bone-shaped heels, an open toe, a concealed platform and X-ray flamingos with pink feathered wings printed across the black patent upper, accompanied by bones and pink polka dots.   They are also currently 20% off and will likely be gone soon, so scoop up a pair while you still can!  [Too Fast – $48]


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