LUSH: Briny Banquet


While lazy days on the beach may be coming to an end as visions of candy corn and spooky decorations dance in our head, LUSH makes it possible to capture the essences of your favorite Summer memories so that you can revisit them any time of the year.  Each product has been selected for their sensational scents and promised performance to pamper your body from head to toe!  The aromas that will fill your shower or tub are specially designed to take you away on an exotic adventure without where relaxation is permanently on the menu.

1 – Submerge yourself in the soothing waters of Big Blue, a bath bomb that releases lavendar and lemon oil to ease your sensibilities as sea salt rids the body of toxin and seaweed softens the skin.

2 – Tinted a color reminiscent of centrally located oceans, Sea Vegetable combines the invigorating texture of sea salt with the cooling abilities of seaweed, its herbaceous fragrance mingling into lavender and lime to leave you feeling revived.

3 – Benefiting nearly all skin types, Ocean Salt is a cleanser I can stand behind and say it does what it is advertised to, exfoliating skin in a cocktail of avocado, coconut, lime, vodka and two types of sea salt.

4 – More than half of Big Shampoo is a base of sea salt infused with seaweed extract and blended with extra virgin coconut oil, avocado butter and fresh citrus juices that clean and nourish hair then give it plenty of shine.

5 – Ingredients gathered from far eastern continents come together in Seanik, a solid shampoo that has rich ingredients to make hair silky as the floral perfume of lemon, jasmine and mimosa oils stay with you all day.

6 – As a child I could not get enough of having hair styled by the sea, and now I have that option in the convenience of Sea Spray – sea salt, sea water and seaweed offers textured volume while orange flower, grapefruit, neroli and rosewood makes hair smell as though it was dried in a balmy breeze.

7 – Improving faces that have been damaged by Summer elements through a Breath of Fresh Air, casting nutrients from fresh sea water and seaweed extract onto skin to provide essential vitamins and soothing dry areas with rose absolute and aloe vera.

8 – Cover yourself in a tropical cocktail of Coconut, a deodorant powder made with four different types of coconut extract mixed into other natural ingredients and calming essential oils that will have you feeling like you are on a seafaring safari.

9 – Moisturize and cleanse using Enzymion, where astringent pineapple, papaya and lemon juices get rid of excess oil while avocado and evening primrose oils replenish vitamin and minerals; it can also be used as a primer and works best when paired with Ocean Salt.


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