Each lecture offers a unique experience for those willing to take the time to listen to the ramblings of an individual who is not only passion about Circus history and culture, but also continues to be an active part of it.  They can be held in classrooms, art galleries, libraries, museums, public parks or even private parties, and includes a package of informational facts, photographs and list of references for expanded learning.  There will be an opportunity for a Q&A session and a live demonstration of circus or sideshow skills where permitted that may be documented by attendees.

  • American Circus & Sideshow History:  A comprehensive study of American Circus and Sideshow, focusing on elements of art, culture and lifestyle.  Beginning with the birth of American Circus and traveling the outdated deserted routes of wooden wagons and transcontinental trains, this course offers investigation into what made Circus and Sideshow one of our most popular sources for entertainment.  Citing reference from years of study and personal experience,this lecture is delivered with great passion in the continuing pursuit of preservation and education.  Educational materials that include a list of books, magazines and websites participants can visit for further reading and research, a program that summarizes each part of the lecture and a coloring book featuring individuals discussed during the lecture will be provided for each atendee.

Each part runs from 1 – 2 hours and are generally suitable for all an audience of all ages.

  • Bizarre Beauties: Celebrating the extraordinary individuals exhibited in sideshows of yore – whether bearded, tattooed, incredibly strong, extremely fat, tall or small and otherwise physically different from mainstream society.  In modern times women are constantly being told what the standard of beauty is while being exposed to images that are drastically manipulated, bodies that are sexualized for their parts and a barrage of unsolicited  opinions on what is and isn’t attractive from all angles.  This lecture reminds us that there was a time when an unusual appearance brought forth the curious and elevated a woman to regal status for having done nothing more than existing in a body that earned them a title of Human Curiosity.

Due to the nature of the photographs and some of the information in this lecture, it is suitable for individuals age 13 and older.  

Please fill out the contact form below if you are interested in scheduling a lecture, or if you have any questions about the information presented here.


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