Big Apple Circus

[Originaly written 12.30.2003]

Woke up early to shower and assemble myself, curiosity bugging me the entire time as to what Jon’s surprise was.  Walked down to the diner where we met up and had a small breakfast.  He had a huge smile plastered across his face but wouldn’t even drop a subtle hint.  Noted here that he was dressed in his Carny best: light blue sear-sucker suit, freshly pressed red shirt, yellow silk tie and matching pocket square, and a pair of red snake skin boots; hair styled in shallow waves.  Meanwhile, I was rocking a layered red chiffon skirt and blue cotton button-down blouse with black leather pumps, my hair dancing around in chaotic curls.

After breakfast, we climbed into his Chevy and hopped on the Turnpike to get to the City; Jon lit a blunt en route.  Took the super secret way to the Holland Tunnel, bypassing all the other people that sat in traffic.  Tried to find decent [and legal] parking on the street, but no dice, so he decided to just park in a lot.

At this point I would like to mention that it has been a long time since I went to see a circus.  Well, I do remember that he took me to the Greatest Show on Earth at Madison Square Garden a couple years ago.  However, the Big Apple Circus was out in Lincoln Center, in a fucking tent.  Yes, in a small section of NYC there was this big blue tent that drew in the curious of all ages.  The smell of popcorn and hot dogs and other such foods swirled in the air as we entered that magical space.  The bathroom was a trailer, the seats were plastic and quite uncomfortable, and some snot nosed little brat kept kicking the back of mine, but I had a blast.  The performance was over two hours long, complete with clowns, animals and aerialists.  The bright costumes, live music and the entire atmosphere in general made me forget where I was, taking me back to a time when the circus frequently rolled into town.  My face ached because I was smiling so much the entire time, my hand settled nicely in his.  Afterwards I gushed with thanks, which made Jon blush a bit as he said it was no big deal.  He just wanted to do something nice for me on my birthday and knew that I would appreciate the gesture for what it was.

We wandered around for a bit and found a neat little cafe where I had cake and coffee while my mind was wandering.  There is nothing else I want to do more than perform; to wake up the world from its ignorant slumber and entertain the masses.  In all honesty, I feel that is what I was put here to do and am anxious to start doing shows with Jon again.

Tomorrow I will be helping out with the big New Year’s Eve bash at the Palace of Variety with the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus.

Going out to lunch with my Dad soon.  Afterwards, I have to do a quick costume change and meet up with Jon so we can head into the City [again] and go look at some cool art.  Will most likely do dinner and drinks afterwards.  Time is wasting so I have to scoot.

[Later that evening]

It’s really late and I am full of so many stimulants that it’s ridiculous, but I won’t have time to write tomorrow and I want to get this down before I forget.

Lunch was really nice; my Dad gave me balloons, flowers and a lovely card.  While I wanted to tell him about the wonderful present Jon gave me, I kind of downplayed everything and simply stated I was enjoying my birthday.  Dropped everything off at the house and then met up with my boy in Newark.

Rode the PATH in, as neither one of us wanted to risk the amount of traffic that would be in the City.  Smoked a blunt while on the way to Fuse Gallery and casually chatted.  Ever since I got my hands on a John John Jesse print, I have been studying his work and learned many interesting things about his life.  When I discovered that several of his works would be on display in a local gallery, I had to seize the opportunity to see his art in person.  Of course sharing the whole experience with my best friend [on my birthday no less] carried a great amount of significance and was fitting as an excellent gift.  There were a lot of people crammed inside when we arrived, but somehow we managed to make enough room to gaze at the magnificent paintings.  Wine and assorted snacks were also up for grabs so we made sure to help ourselves to plenty of them.

Afterwards we wandered around to finish off the blunt before sitting down to dinner at Otto’s Shrunken Head.  This was one of those times where we dressed appropriately for the setting but still managed to stick out among everyone else present.  While I had expected the waiter to shove us in the back, we were shown to a table set with a cluster of votive candles and had a slight bit of distance from those around it so we could have a tiny bit of privacy.  We began with incredibly strong tiki drinks and ordered a bunch of appetizers with the plan of snacking when we wanted instead of attempting to have a full dinner.  This was a good idea, particularly since Jon had slipped me something on the way to the bar that already started to have me feeling good.

The music swelled around us and it was cool to see a decent amount of people at the other tables, even if they blurred together into some sort of cartoonic tiki nitemare.  Jon laughed when the waiter brought me chocolate lava cake with a sparkling pink candle in the top and a bunch of servers came over to sing me Happy Birthday.  He had the guiltiest look on his face but was caught up in his fit of hysteria, so I laughed too and waited for everyone to leave before snuffing the ‘candle’ out on my tongue.  We destroyed that cake and it was absolutely divine, melding well with all the rum in my stomach.

Eventually we had to leave because the bar was closing and it was quite an adventure back to the PATH, the ride seeming to take forever.  The air didn’t feel chilly at all as we walked to the lot where his car was parked, his hand holding mine, the soft leather of his glove swallowing my fingers.  When we reached the Chevy, Jon leaned me against the door and gently kissed my lips.  There was a part of me that wanted more, but I was starting to feel tired and unsure of what motivated the gesture.  So I slipped out of his arms and walked around the car, then waited for him to unlock the door.  Jon laughed and shook his head as we both climbed inside, silence filling the atmosphere.

Best birthday ever?  Possibly.  There are too many things running through my mind at the moment, and I need to get some sleep because I have to wake up and go into NYC tomorrow for New Year’s Eve madness.