Funny Face

There is no doubt that Coney Island has remained a significant part of my life despite not having properly visited the area since performing there in 2007, though I tend to immerse myself in the history of the amusement area and its incredible menagerie of aesthetic architecture, innovative rides and bizarre penchant for displaying live human oddities on a constant basis.  The Island will never be what it once was, nor has it been as great in many decades, which is more than tragic to know but incredibly heartbreaking to actually be witness to, and thus I have stayed away because I hate to see what has changed.  George C. Tilyou brought the first attraction to the Island in the late 1800s – he had seen the Ferris wheel at an exposition in Chicago and decided to build one of his own – and then added rides including a mechanical race horse course which led to the park being named Steeplechase.  It opened in 1897 and to this day is considered one of the most influential amusement park of all time, having survived a fire that destroyed most of it in 1907.  Admission to the ruins was ten cents, and it would be a couple of year until the park was fully open again, though the new feature was a beautiful five acre indoor enclosure covered by glass and steel called the Pavilion of Fun.  The face of Tilyou in character form, hair perfectly parted down the middle, had been an emblem of Steeplechase and remains a mascot of Coney Island.  Though somewhat frightful and grotesque, the Funny Face exemplified the mood of the park – the attractions were slightly more low-class and vulgar compared to the competition – and visitors hoped to experience irresponsible hilarity for a quarter.  The Funny Face has appeared in many forms such as a neon sign, tattoos, merchandise and even painted on the side of a bar in Asbury Park, New Jersey.  It has been reinterpreted through art which may change the original design, but there is no doubt that those in the know can certainly see the grin and instantly connect to what it represents.

As someone who is still relatively new to writing about fashion, I often find myself visiting a variety of sites to check in on what has recently been added, and then pass on the information in a way that still falls into the  category of Carny Style.  In doing so, today I discovered the Thrill-A-Rama dress by Sourpuss, a delightful stretch cotton halter design that comes in three colors and features an inspired version of the legendary Coney Island icon printed along stars and dots.  For me it certainly embodies the whimsical nature of Steeplechase, being flirty, fun and all around fabulous.  Though the dress certainly speaks for itself, this guide will assist in creating comprehensive looks that can easily be worn to any carnival, boardwalk or other vacation appropriate destination this Summer.


The soft shade of coral that defines the base of this first look can be likened to the piles of cotton candy that send our brains into desire overload as soon as that confectionary scent hits our nostrils.  Certainly this style of dress is ideal for the warmer temperatures that is slowly creeping up the East Coast, but from time to time there is still a bit of chill when evening comes, and a 1970s black sequined shawl is an easy way to keep exposed skin cozy while perhaps taking a midnight stroll along the beach.  During the day, black and white satin pinstripe Teeze shoes with crossover strap and patent toe cap strike a dynamic chord and gives the outfit an instant pinup flavor.  While some will be eager to get their tan on, I am not a fan of my legs and prefer to preserve the paleness of my skin; if you are the same I would suggest using Black Milk Leg Bones leggings for a bit of mischievous misdirection.  Though they are no longer being sold on the site, there are similar designs floating around and could also be a fun DIY project.  Speaking of bones, a set of Kreepsville Gem Bone clips is a fun way to add some sparkle to your tresses while keeping them out of your face.  A coordinating satin handbag that has a rigid body will ensure that valuables are stored safely while hurtling down the hill of your favorite roller coaster.  For a touch of faith, love, hope, passion, wisdom and beauty, accessorize with gleaming stars such as a white gold ring, jeweled silver pendant and shimmering bangles.  Finish this look with a pair of coral framed sunglasses to protect eyes from the glaring sun, a fresh face with black eye liner, mascara, dewy cheeks and the right shade of coral lip stick or gloss from your favorite makeup brand.


A sure sign of Summer are well manicured lawns that have an interesting aroma when freshly cut, a sort of freshness that would give you same feeling wearing the Grass version of the Thrill-A-Rama dress.  The satin and lace rendition of the classic Teeze pump brings a slightly feminine touch to this look, while a pair of black and white swirled footless tights will give your legs a silky, luxurious feel without the hassle of shaving.  Layering this Dex Striped cardigan on top, which features metallic thread and embroidered hole details, comes in handy when the need for shade arises.  Walking the streets late at night does not have to be intimidating, and the fashionable Peace Keeper lets everyone know that you are the one in charge.  The quickest hair styles for Summer is a ponytail or vintage up-do accompanied by a bandanna to keep necks cool when the heat kicks in.  If the generic bandannas have gone boring, try the Felon Viva La Meurte one from Sourpuss, which features a print of pinup girls accompanied by coffins and skulls.  Be your own superhero or villain with Cat Woman Claw rings by Noir for DC Comics, which are made from solid brass and doused in Cubic Zorconia stones.  Lovers of tiki and vintage will have no problem stacking up these carved black Tiki Bracelets, while sideshow aficionados such as myself can swoon over the hunky image of famed Half Man Johnny Eck on a stainless steel necklace.  Viewing a world of imagination is best done with eyes treated with a healthy coating of Sugarpill’s Absinthe loose shadow, lined with Illamasqua’s Precision Ink in Scribe from their Human Fundamentalism collection and accented with a pair of Grandeur False Eye Lashes.


This final look centers around Thrill-A-Rama’s Sky Blue colorway, which is accented with contrasting red trim and my favorite of the trio.  Street wear is just as important as stage clothes and certainly an essential part of my personal style, because one never knows when the opportunity to network might arise and making yourself a brand is a necessary evil when it comes to being a performer.  Taking this dress from simple sophistication to carnal hellion is all about the attitude and confidence to work the look.  Hell Bunny’s Candy Leggings use black and red stripes in a quirky way that make them an item that can be worn with a number of other things.  Slip into a pair of Iron Fist’s Devil’s Plaything wedges – the reptilian print is metallic foil – which feature a horned devil face on the upper and precise piping across the peep toe and foot opening.  Upgrade your diva status with a silk red bolero that is tailored yet comfortable and sets off any type of curves.  Lavish deep finger waves and tight pin curls by pinning in this lovely white feather fascinator, and keep yourself cool while outdoors with a red paper parasol decorated in a tattoo print.  The retro styling of this metal flake glitter vinyl purse along with its bold sky blue and white stripes is hand-made with quality, featuring a coordinating handle, black silk lining and four metal feet that give it stability when set down.  Reaffirm your love for all things Coney Island with a Funny Face necklace, Token earrings and a hand-made recreation of a 1950s charm bracelet, while paying tribute to sideshow attractions of the past via this beautiful and eerie Conjoined Twins ring.  Cinch in your waist with a studded suede cutout corset belt and add some layers of volume with a bright red petticoat.  Dramatic makeup can be achieved by layering Sugarpill’s Afterparty with similar hues that are darker and lighter, a healthy dose of micropearl pigment and a few strategically placed dots using Elmer’s 3D Washable Paint Pens in Sparkle Scents.  Saturate your pout with Urban Decay’s Revolution, advertised to be decadent, creamy, long-lasting lipstick that nourishes and protects, prevents dehydration and fills in wrinkles.  Finish off with some thick cat eye liner, rosy cheeks and feather tipped eyelashes.

Pulling together a look is not something that needs to be incredibly difficult, though one must find a balance when utilizing a specific pattern.  Going overboard with accessories or coordinating a color scheme can make an outfit seem straight out of the catalogue and not very indicative of your personality.  Overall, no matter what one wears, the clothes do not and should not speak for you, but rather tell a story that makes people want to approach you and discuss your fantastic outfit.

Photo credit: 1 – First Steeplechase


Happy Get Drunk and Wear Green Day™

[Originally written 3.17.03]

Very brief update while waiting for Jon to return with the provisions for tonite’s debaucherous festivities.

Patiently made it thru the whole week in anticipation of seeing him last Friday evening.  Of course he was happy when I arrived.  Immediately, smoking ourselves stupid was in order.  Followed by eating,  more smoking and drinking then passing out.

Saturday we decide to go out and not waste the nice weather, stopping at a diner for lunch.  You know, one of those shiny chrome ones I love so much.  Very nice place; good food as well.  After that we hit up an Army & Navy store.  Jon bought new jeans for himself and a short-sleeved black shirt for me, as I desperately needed one.  Drove around for a while and decided to stop for some ice cream at this darling little vintage parlor.  Continued driving while keeping an eye out for a particular second-hand shop, but came across a different one and stopped in.  The clothes were nice, but too expensive for customizing.  Then we found the one that we had looking for but it was closed, so we just went back to his place instead, to repeat the previous nite’s activities.

Woke up after noon on Sunday with the warm sun on my face.  Jon made breakfast as we smoked and suggested we sit outside.  Retrieved those oh-so precious Skin Two magazines [happily acquired from this random fetish shop I had found in North Jersey] from my car and joined him out back with my art supplies.  Now the pervert’s mind will quickly jump to assumptions as to why I had issues of Skin Two in the first place.  Of curse I can dig on a good majority of the lovely fetish wear; latex—especially in corset form—looks so aesthetically pleasing, and I appreciate that people enjoy these things for a number of reasons.  However, I happen to own these for artistic references when drawing, using the poses and clothing when I get stumped.

After a few hours of being in the zone, Jon suggests we should go to Coney Island.  Definitely a long ride up, but of course a couple of proper blunts helps speed that along.  Sat next to the Cyclone and ate our lunch.  There were a lot of people who swarmed the amusement area and boardwalk, just coming and going in the same way as we were.  Couldn’t get over how many people were there, considering maybe 20 people at the most were in the area when we had visited last week.  Dozens of people were walking around, enjoying the sun and cool breeze coming in from the water.  The line for Nathan’s was out the door.  The El Dorado bumper cars was blasting their music and doing good on business.  Some little candy shop on Surf Ave was open and whafting scents of sugar thru its doors.  There are some new pieces of wood on the Cyclone, which were spotted as we gazed fondly at our favorite coaster.  Yes sir, the amusement area is certain getting ready for opening day.  Wonder if the Parachute Jump will be put together by then, as it was still in pieces.

We had a nice stroll on the beach, arms linked as tho we were one of those old European couples you see slowly wandering around.  Lost ourselves in conversation and the soothing rhythm of the sea.

Later on, we stopped in at this diner on Cropsey Ave that had damn good food and fantastic classic photos of Coney Island on the walls.  Was especially struck by one of the Parachute Jump while Steeplechase still existed.  Ordered some coffee and a super decadent tiramisu from another diner on the way back, then proceeded to get stoned at his place, the relaxation almost overwhelming.

Right now, there is a keg and a blunt that need my attention.  Also promised some people I’d make a coat hanger disappear in my throat, so off to do that now.

Coney Island’s Winter Hibernation

[Originally written 1.5.03]

Out of boredom, I loaded a new roll of film into my camera and went to visit Coney.  Of course it started snowing the instant that I headed out, but that did not deter me one bit.  I was just hoping it would stay light enough for me to capture some good images.

The drive over the Verizzano was quite odd.  Nothing but clouds on either side.  I could only see land when I was right on top of it.

Took a ton of Cyclone photos.  Damn that fence tho.  I really wanted to get tight pix of the turns and the way the track is pitched.  Someday I’m going to find a way to get permission to photograph the coaster from the inside of the fence.  None the less, I did my best, my fingers going numb from the cold.  [Stupid me took my nice warm leather gloves out of my shoulder bag and forgot to put them back. *d’oh*]  I hopped back in my car and re-parked by the still under construction Parachute Jump, which has less to it than the last time I was there [in November].  My camera was being an ass for some reason.  The battery might be low or something.  Despite the growing numbness in my fingers—fingers? what fingers?—I used the rest of the film on the Parachute Jump and some snowy shots of the boardwalk.

As usual, I didn’t want to leave.  Why can’t I just wave a magic wand and *poof* be exactly where I want to be?

Anyway, I decided to buy Coney Island: Lost & Found on, as I’ve heard everyone raving about it.  I finished Coney Island: The People’s Playground, and while I personally enjoyed it, the review of it on was less than pleasant.  Guess I haven’t read too many books about the Island, but then again, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Opted for the one day shipping, and the site said it will arrive between January 20-24.  Um, then why have people choose the one day shipping if it doesn’t come that quick? Whatever, at least it’s coming.  Saves me the trouble of having to go out to numerous bookstores searching for it.

That’s about it.  It’s cold and snowing.

[Originally written 2.5.03]

Been absorbing Coney Island: Lost and Found.  Damn good book.  Sad too.  I haven’t gotten past the chapter about the demise of Steeplechase.  It’s just really heartbreaking to read how fast the area declined, thanks in part to assholes like Robert Moses and Fred Trump, who actually invited people to hurl bricks at the Steeplechase Pavillion.  One of the saddest parts is the death of the Thunderbolt, which strikes a particular chord in my being.  I still feel lucky to have seen it before it died.  And I’ll never forget that last nite of the season, when we walked past it and heard a noise.

Only one more month before Coney Island is up and running for the season.  I can’t wait.  Will be making my monthly trip there in the near future.  Want to see the progress of the Parachute Jump.

Nothing else to report.