Hyde Syndrome: Resurrection

As mentioned in my first summary of  Hyde Syndrome, when I had felt I reached a satisfying end and went back to edit the work, I also came to the decision that I wanted to split it.  To me there was an obvious evolution to the story, as I had a very vague idea in the beginning and allowed the characters to develop in the environment I had created for them.  Though there are a few situation and even some language that was plucked from my life and interactions with my best friend Jon, I enjoyed the challenge of making these fictional people, their thoughts, feelings and struggles not only believable, but also something the reader wanted to be sympathetic towards.  The last thing I wanted was to make another corny love story based on the whimsical nature of what people perceive carnivals and sideshows to be, which is one of the main reasons I tapped into my own experiences.

There were a few things I felt were left unexplained that I happily elaborated upon in new chapters which begin harmlessly enough with a description of the freshly renovated carnival grounds that reads should already be familiar with.  Sacha and Jesse have been enjoying a prosperous year as heads of the resident sideshow, which have allowed them to restore cherished attractions and expand their range of attendees.  Though construction is right on time, Sacha is curious of why her husband has suddenly stopped performing as the Geek but does not bring it up to Jesse.  Instead we get our first opportunity to reunite with this curious couple, so deeply in love with one another and dedicated to protecting themselves, their Family and their very dark secret.  While it was touched upon in the first eight chapters, I wanted to go deeper into what the Hyde Syndrome was about – how it effected those who were afflicted by it as well as their loved ones.  By now we know that Jesse has a strange appetite, which manifested in the emergence of a darker half who indulged in decadence with no apology, but there was the question of whether his wife had any trace of this relatively unknown disease.

In Chapter 8 we are introduced to an albino named Ian who identifies himself as someone who was acquainted with their fathers – Dean and Damien both suffered from the Hyde Syndrome as well, though the latter was subsequently driven insane by his desires.  This was definitely a topic I wanted to discuss with the reader so that could better understand what had been hinted at throughout the story.  For the moment, we join Sacha and Jesse at a meeting in the city where they are greeted by Lance, a young man who requested their company to discuss a pressing matter.  It seems that a local gang is targeting the carnival, and as a one time employee who had great respect for their fathers, Lance felt informing them was the right thing to do.  His reward is not only their utmost thanks, but also an invitation to acceptance into their Family.

The scene is set on the beach where everyone from the carnival is gathered together and celebrates the addition of Lance into their little society with a toast, then spend the evening dining and dancing ocean side.  Eager to make a good impression, Lance takes the initiative to dance with Sacha, a bold move considering everyone respects the relationship she has with her husband and one simply does not make such a request.  When he comes to sweep her off her feet, she realizes that his darker half has remained in tact and perhaps is even pleased that he has emerged once again.  However, this is secondary to the fact that Lance takes another moment of her time away from Jesse so that he may reveal a secret he had been entrusted to keep by her father.  She also learns that they are related and he happens to be Jesse’s half brother!

The story slowly unfolds from there, with Sacha telling her husband everything she learned from Lance and subsequently triggering something inside him that is evident only to her.  None of this is of concern as their attention is brought to the storm that has settle over the seaside community.  A hurricane has arrived and threatens to wipe out the carnival, so their instinct of protecting their investment and several months of hard work kicks in ; they brave harsh conditions to ensure everyone and everything is secure.  They battle against the elements and wind up becoming separated when a huge wave literally sweeps them off their feet.

This is where the reader is taken on a journey inside the mind of Sacha, going back to when she was a teenager living on the carnival grounds and Damien [her father] was still alive.  Though I do not say this much, I admit that this is my favorite part of the book and the main reason I wanted to write a second part.  Some things might come across as a bit far-fetched, but that is the joy of writing fiction and setting rules for the world that you fabricate.  What happens around Sacha while she sleeps is secondary to the imagery that comes to her mind and the others scenes I felt were essential to the overall story.  One will have to read the excerpts to get more information, though I will say that there quite a few dark themes and acts of cannibalism involved.  Resurrection seemed like an appropriate subtitle, as the Hyde Syndrome is literally brought back into the spotlight and explored so that there is an understanding to those who read both books.

Currently I am in the process of writing a third part, and while I again have a rough idea of what I want to cover, I will let things unfold as they want to.  There is no rush since I am still working on having the previous chapters published into something and I would like to have an absolute completed work before doing so.  This third and final part of the Hyde Syndrome saga is not yet named – for now I am going to say that it will be an even bigger step back in time to when all of the characters were younger.  It is going to be a definitive starting point to their history, where Damien and Dean have just begun their career in the sideshow and have yet to meet their true loves.  The journey will be one marked with as many highs and lows as the previous chapters, where love is and loyalty are constantly tested and the beastly nature of those afflicted with the Hyde Syndrome  is exposed for all to see.


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