Hyde Syndrome

A Riveting Tale of Love and Cannibalism

Sometime in early 2000, I found myself sitting on the beach at Coney Island and became inspired by my surroundings.  The result of a few hours worth of writing was a short erotic fiction piece that was published to a community I used to run on Live Journal that was dedicated to circus fetish.  It pretty much stayed there and was not thought of while I pursued other writings, but eventually I decided that I wanted to incorporate the piece into something with much more substance.

Unfortunately my memory is not very good, so I cannot pinpoint the exact moment in time that I launched into filling a composition notebook with images that were floating around in my head.  The words described scenes that I fantasized and a story began to take shape.  Since I did not believe in forcing myself to write, I added content when an idea came to me and I wanted to jot it down before I forgot it.  The notebook was set aside many times over the course of several years as I moved around and would keep it in storage for long periods.  Every word was then recopied by hand into a bigger notebook as things were edited, and in 2007, I finally sat down to start typing so that I could save the novel on my computer where more edits were made.

The story begins with a description of a no-name city and eventually centers on Sacha, a young heavily tattooed and pierced woman who is searching for a place to eat.  After selecting a restaurant and settling down alone at a table, her attention is drawn by a mysterious man in a red suit that is casually checking her out.  Jesse cannot help but become captivated by her, and their first interaction occurs during his sideshow performance at a theater down the street.  Feelings and emotions are quickly stirred as they find themselves sharing intimate conversation over coffee while sitting at a candle-lit table on the boardwalk.

What follows is a journey of self-discovery and undying love as the two grow closer together and cannot deny the bond that forms between them.  They both seem to be hiding secrets, which are slowly revealed as the story progresses, and I have no shame in admitting that there are scenes which can be considered erotic fiction.  The setting of the novel is the 1950s in a small ocean side community that relies heavily on the businesses which line the boardwalk and is also home to a carnival with its very own resident 10-in-1 sideshow.  Much of the emotion displayed by the above mentioned main characters comes from personal experience, as they are loosely based on myself and my late friend Jon.

The novel takes cues from Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic work and further explores the possibilities of a good and evil personality in man. Thus, the Hyde Syndrome is portrayed as a legitimate physical disorder that manifests itself with much anger and a taste for human flesh.  Jesse inherited the disease from his father, but Sacha’s father was inflicted as well, so she understands what her new found love is experiencing more than he knows.  She also has the ability to see emotions in people’s eyes, which is a trait that certainly comes in handy on more than one  occasion.  For the most part, I wanted there to be a plausibility to the strange events that unfold over the course of several days so that they came across as fictional reality rather than overly extraordinary.

When the novel was completed last October, it spanned over 300 pages and was certainly a lengthy read.  Since then I split it into two parts, with the first roughly summarized above, and the second taking place one year after those events.  The main characters are now married and have enjoyed great success in the carnival, particularly with the sideshow.  However, a severe hurricane crashes everyone’s good time and causes Sacha to take on a Sleeping Beauty type of slumber.  During this, she visits the past and details about her early relationship with her husband come to surface.  There is also a healthy does of flashbacks where the reader is introduced to her father, whom is noted as having been driven completely mad by the Hyde Syndrome.

That’s about as much as I can say without giving away too much of the plot, and I have not done much with the novel since the last time I edited it.  However, I do have plans to write a third part that will focus on the origins of the Hyde Syndrome within the main character’s respective fathers, which I hope will  serve to fill in any gaps that the the other parts may have left.  It would  be nice to see some illustrations accompany the words I worked so hard on to properly express the things which were seen in my mind’s eye.  No one has yet stepped forward to do so, but I remain optimistic.  Also, I wanted to self-publish the novel,  though I have found that would be kind of expensive and since my ‘job’ mainly consists of performing,  and thus I have yet to achieve this goal.

To me, there is no point in having put so much effort into this project just to have it floating around doing nothing, so I have decided excerpts of it here to perhaps generate curiosity, or if nothing else, to entertain any who take the time to read it.  Therefor, selections from each chapter will be posted here at random moments and I am certainly open to any kind of feedback.  If anyone out there is interesting in collaborating on some illustrations, it would be an honor to have a talented artist to interpret my words.  On a final note, I just wanted to say that I believe in this project because I put so much of myself into the novel, and as far as I know, there is nothing else out there like it, which is something I always take pride in.


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