Chapter 7 Excerpt [2]

Sacha was shaken from her thoughts when the Mercury pulled up to a diner, its chrome exterior gleaming in the late afternoon sun.  A square of light danced on her face as Jesse helped her out of the car.  He leaned her against the door for a moment, catching her by surprise with a passionate kiss.  There was nothing else worth his life except for that woman.  Every time she was in his arms, he did not want to let go.  He also could not deny the intimacy they had shared, or ignore the urges that constantly filled his mind.  He wanted to throw her in the back seat and make love to her right there.  If his stomach had not been growling with hunger, he might have.  Instead they strolled into the diner and were immediately seated at a booth next to a window.  Jesse instructed her to find something to order while he used the bathroom—there did not need to be any distractions while they sat and discussed business.

Jesse sighed and locked himself in a stall, wondering when he would learn to control the urges that raged inside.  It was difficult, especially when Sacha was around, as his thoughts instantly became filled with perverted fantasies, and that was what caused the trouble.  Even as he masturbated over that cold, unyielding porcelain bowl, he thought of having her, a groan escaping as the frustration was expelled and flushed.  Jesse paused at the sink to splash cool water on his face.  For a brief moment, he caught his reflection and thought that he heard a voice.

Do not fuck this up.

The fact that he could still feel James proved that the alter ego was not a product of his vices, but at the same time, the whiskey and coke diet was certainly less than beneficial to the situation.

‘Keep an eye on her.  I would hate to see something happen to that lovely lady.

Staring hard at the mirror, a tiny smile crept across his lips. “We are in this together now,” he muttered.  “I need you…and she does too.  Now let’s get out there and do this.”

Sacha’s face lit up with a smile when Jesse sat down.  “Have some waffles and fruit with a side of bacon and scrambled eggs coming,” she said, taking his hand.  “Two cups of coffee as well.”

“Thanks so much,” he replied.

The words had barely left his mouth when the waitress placed a large plate on the table, laden with giant Belgian waffles and fresh strawberries, followed by a platter of fluffy eggs and crisp bacon, syrup and pot of coffee.  They were then left to enjoy the meal.

“Damn good,” Jesse said after carefully chewing a hunk of waffle.  “Sure know what I like, honey.”

She drizzled syrup over a slice of strawberry.  “Try this,” Sacha suggested, delivering it to his lips.

“Delicious.”  Fingers skated in the sticky amber substance, a wicked grin on his face as he held them out.

Her tongue flicked out for a taste.  Ordinarily, she would not have played his game, but being wise to the reason he had excused himself to the bathroom, Sacha could not control her lustful thoughts.  It excited her to know that he was so turned on by her presence, and it was time she showed him that she could handle the desires.  Jesse felt his pulse race as she carefully licked his fingers, scanning the diner in search of prying eyes.  The other customers were busy consuming food; waitresses were taking and delivering orders.  They were in a secluded corner, and the visit to the bathroom had failed to relieve his passion.  Sex was the last thing on his mind, but his body did not know that.  No one suspected his actions underneath the table, slowly unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants.  Then Jesse carelessly knocked a fork on the floor.  Sacha was quick to retrieve it and disappeared beneath the table.  He grabbed hold of her hair and thrust his erect flesh into her wet, waiting mouth.  A sigh escaped him when those pierced lips took a steady up-and-down rhythm.  The rush of adrenaline that filled her was derived from the fact that they could very well be caught.  She enjoyed pleasuring him, and it gave her a great thrill to do so, especially in a public place.  Gripping the edge of the table, Jesse kept himself composed so as not to create a scene.

“That’s right, darling,” he whispered, peering at her.  “Take it all.”

She could feel the jewelry tickle the back of her throat as she obeyed.  A low groan followed by a silent ‘yes’ only provoked her more.  Slow, deep passes over the entire length made him squirm.  Their waitress bustled past for a moment, but did not even cast a glance in their direction.

“Faster now,” he requested, his knuckles white from holding the edge of the table.

Sacha increased speed, hands on his knees to remain steady.  He kept teeth clenched and fucked that pretty face.  Unable to control himself any longer, Jesse shot his load with a small shudder.  The finish was far more satisfying than in the bathroom.  However, he would have to wait until after business was taken care of to get a chance at showing how much he loved her .

Casually resurfacing with the fork in hand, she blotted her lips with a napkin and took her seat.  Jesse glanced around again as he sorted out his pants, but no one had been interested in their devious activity.  He suddenly remembered finger-fucking her under the boardwalk, skillfully manipulating moans out of her.  The truth was, he liked to be the dominant force, and she enjoyed those moments when he was in control.  He had a hard time saying ‘no’, and Jesse knew it was due to the fact that she enjoyed every minute of their encounters as much as he did.  The time would come when he wanted to test her limits, to see how far he could go before she called for a stop.  He constantly desired to touch and hold her, exploring the different levels of her pleasure.  Just for fun, he  wanted to give her multiple orgasms with oral sex.  That was the kind of thinking that had gotten Jesse in trouble before.  However, it was a situation where James came in handy.  After all, he had successfully bedded Sacha, a feat that Jesse had only fantasized about.  Deep down, he knew that James could bring out her inner cravings, and it would be selfish not to cater them.  It was all secondary compared to the impending rumble.  Then he just wanted to take her some place they could be alone.

The waitress came by to place their bill on the table.  A slight flush rose in his cheeks as he pulled away from Sacha.  Jesse left a wad of cash next to the slip of paper and rose from the booth, his wife at his side.  Instead of returning to the Mercury, they wandered onto the beach and lit a joint, strolling beside the ocean.

“Counting on you to keep an eye on me,” he absently remarked.

“Have no worry.”  Sacha paused to take a hit.  “There is a certain amount of anger you are entitled to release.”

Jesse laughed.

“Guess that is fair.”

“Certainly.”  A wry smile tugged at her lips.  “There is a point of no return, and I will not let it go that far.”

“Feeling a bit nervous,” he confessed.

Sacha gave his hand a squeeze.  “This is a responsibility no man is really prepared for.  The extent of your power can be quite overwhelming, but only if you allow it to be.”

“Helps that I have a great source of encouragement.  No matter how negative the mood is, you have this way of turning it around.  A man should be so lucky to have a woman like you by his side.”

She blushed.  “You do not have to keep bringing that up.”

“Just want you to know how much I appreciate you,” Jesse said, wrapping his arms around her waist.  “There is no way I would be able to do this without you.  Where would my motivation come from?  What would keep me from being destructive?  I need you.”

The sincerity in his voice urged her to validate those words.  “I am here for you.  Nothing will ever change that.  We are in this together until the end.”

“Have not been this close to someone before, and I just want to make sure that we are on the same page.”

“Of course!  Why else would I choose to be here if I am not fully committed to you?”  Sacha dared to hold his face firmly in her tattooed hands, so as to stare directly into his intense eyes.  “Losing a prominent figure in my life was hard, and you know how it feels as well.  Seems as though we are meant to be together, and I will not argue with that.  We have each other, and there is no way I would lose you.”  Slowly releasing him, she puffed heavily on the joint.  “We are done talking about it now.  We have to keep our heads straight and take care of business.”

“Sure thing.”  Jesse gazed out at the ocean.  “Believe we covered everything of importance.  All that remains is to let the dice roll and see what happens.  What else is there to say, really?”

Sacha settled her head on his shoulder, and they sat there on the beach, watching the sun slowly sink behind the horizon.  Bright orange leaked out from the dark glowing ball, disappearing into a creamy yellow accented by wispy clouds.  Deep candy pink was layered on top of that, followed by a brilliant purple which slowly faded into an intense blue.  The ocean reflected a strange aqua tone that almost seemed electric.  Eventually the bold colors slowly disappeared, and night was fast approaching.  Jesse and Sacha walked shoulder to shoulder down the beach and headed towards the quiet carnival, which was still closed in order to protect the public from the Carnies’ private matters, as there was no need to put innocent lives in the line of fire.  Jesse was worried enough about the woman he loved.  Some men would do anything to get what they wanted, and there was no way he would allow that to happen.


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