Chapter 7 Excerpt [3]

James had grown tired of their usual intimacy—not that it was bad, but he wanted to know where things could go.  It had become clear that part of her delighted in certain pleasures, and it was no secret that Sacha would not hesitate to indulge.  He desired to explore this dark side that had just manifested.  After all, there was a possibility that she had inherited the Hyde Syndrome from her father, even if it was only a little bit.

“Had no idea you were capable of such rage,” James quietly remarked, allowing the empty jar to roll towards the ocean.

“Everyone does, but most people never let it show,” Sacha replied, gazing at him.  “Instinct kicks into overdrive and you are not thinking, just acting.”

“Well, it is done now and I have no desire to talk about it any more.”  He paused to lean over and kiss her, stimulants pulsing through him.  “We are finally alone, and I plan to take full advantage of that while I can.”  A wicked grin graced his lips.

“Oh James…you know the way to my heart,” Sacha laughed, slumping into the sand.  “What makes you so sure it will be that easy?”

The smile grew as he settled on top of her.  “There is nothing I would enjoy more than to make love to you right now, but that would take away the excitement of doing something different.”

Sacha grabbed his arms and rolled over so that she sat on his chest.  “What a dirty mind you have,” she jested, brushing sand off his face.

“As though you do not have such thoughts?” James teased.

She laughed again and carefully climbed to her feet.  “Well…are we going to flirt all night, or what?”

James frowned in confusion as he pulled himself out of the sand.  The volatile cocktail that burned through his veins was taking effect, making it difficult to bring sense to some things, including his own thoughts.  His mind was a wreck of convoluted images that he could not piece together.  However, his body was eager to distract him from the chaos in his head.  If it was fun she was after, he would certainly deliver.

“Of course not,” he finally replied with a smile.

“Catch me if you can!”

Before James had any time to react, she took off running. He watched her for a moment, confused about what he should do.  The substances in his system were not agreeing with each other, and he wondered why he abused his body so much.  Not wanting to get distracted, James turned his attention to the succulent prey splashing in the surf a few feet away, the cotton top clinging to her supple form.  The clouds had moved on allowing the moon to shine down on the ocean, and it illuminated her tattooed skin, colors and shapes coming to life.  Eyes closed for a moment as James calmed himself with the reminder that he was just hallucinating.  Feeling better, he set his sight on Sacha once again and ran towards her, adrenaline fueling passion.  All fantasies would pale in comparison to what he was about to do.  That woman deserved to know how incredible she was, and he had every intention of proving it.  The first time he took her as a lover was unforgettable, and there had not been a chance for a repeat performance until that moment.

Sacha gasped when a hand grabbed her shoulder, a mixture of surprise and horror washing over her face.  James dragged her under a pier, clamping that hand against her mouth, body trembling as he pinned her up against a wooden pillar.  There was a strange expression on his face, as though he was no longer himself.  That was when she knew the madness was setting in.

“Now listen carefully,” James said, pressing himself against her to prevent escape.  “When I uncover your mouth, do not scream.”

She nodded and his hand slipped away.  Even if she wanted to make an attempt, who was going to hear?  He spun her around, an arm wrapping around her neck.  Sacha struggled to get out of his grasp, but James was too strong for her.  In fact, he laughed at her and tightened the hold until she gasped for air.  For some reason—mainly just an initial reaction—she kicked, foot connecting with his shin.  James was stunned, and in that moment of weakness, released his hold.  There really was nowhere to run, and wooden pillars of the pier above made escape difficult.  Sacha tried anyway, carefully weaving her way through the maze.  Too coked up to know left from right, she literally ran into him, crying out upon doing so.  James pushed her down into the sand, pinning her arms above her head as he removing a length of rope from his pocket, and it was used to tie her wrists together.

“You are making this too much fun,” James said, laughing.

“What do you want from me?” Sacha inquired.

“Whatever I want, I will take.”

He stood up and just stared at her for a moment, perverse thoughts floating through his head.  She knew better than to try to run again.  He grabbed the straps of her shirt and brought her to her knees; Sacha wondered what he would do.  James fondly stroked her chin, tilting her head this way and that to inspect her.  Sacha never broke her gaze from those intense eyes as her heart began to race.  Something about him was so incredibly appealing, and the element of danger became an added thrill.  The fact that he would do whatever he wanted was a bit unsettling, but what she could do to stop him?  Furthermore, did she even want to?

James grabbed hold of her white-blonde hair and thrust her head down so that her lips touched the head of his cock.  “Kiss it.”

She glared at him and received a small smack to the back of her head.

“Do it.”


James shook his head and spat in her face.  She could feel the saliva linger on her lips and the warmth it exuded.  She was no longer sure if she knew that man any more or what he was capable of doing; anything was possible.  Swallowing the spit and savoring every cell that slipped down her throat gained a nod of approval as well as gentle stroking of her chin.

“Open,” James demanded, clamping his free hand around her neck.

His behavior was slightly disturbing, and while she knew they were just throwing a little spice into their relationship, James was no longer himself.  Perhaps it was that crazed expression fixed in his eyes, or the tone to his voice, but she certainly could sense that something was happening to him.  Sacha’s thoughts were interrupted when he pulled her towards him, her face pressed against his thigh.  She watched his hand disappear into his pants, and knew exactly what he had in mind.  James laughed as he masturbated, finding her to be such a turn-on, and stroked the back of her hair with his free hand.  Sacha held fast to his legs to prevent herself from falling over and waited patiently, eyes closing to remain calm.  James could feel her anticipation, the perverse smile growing.  He had something for her to suck on all right, though it was neither warm or flesh.  It was the cold steel of a revolver, pressed against her lips as she opened her eyes.  Completely shocked, Sacha was certain he had completely lost his mind, suddenly confused about what to make of the situation.  How he loved that frozen expression on her face; the pure, innocent fear that danced in her glittering eyes.  He certainly wanted her, but had to restrain himself.  The revolver slipped into her mouth and James cradled her head to make her comfortable.  Sacha took control, allowing the deadly weapon to touch the back of her throat.  The unyielding cold steel sent chills through her body.

“Hear you are really good at sucking cock,” James said.  “Should I find out just how good?  You going to suck my cock?”

The revolver was jerked out her mouth, steel pressing against her temple as her lips trembled.  James stroked her chin and admired her for a moment.  Her intense green eyes danced in the light of the moon, filled with hopes and dreams.  How he wanted to violate that pretty mouth and watch her pierced lips give him oral pleasure.  Not able to control himself for another minute, James thrust his swollen cock into her mouth, fingers tangled in her hair as he slowly moved in and out.  Sacha sucked and licked on her own, loving the taste of his skin and texture of the piercings.  She worshipped that erect flesh, giving equal attention to the rigid shaft and fat head.  Vocalizing his pleasure only encouraged her further, and soon he forgot about the revolver in his other hand, dropping it so that he could have a better hold of her.  James happily fucked her mouth, though pulled out before he could orgasm, pushing her back down in the sand and kneeling over her in case she thought about getting away.  Sacha glanced at the discarded weapon, mere inches from where she laid, then focused on him.  Those hands gently stroked her cheeks and neck.  They slipped up her legs and under the skirt, tugging it down around her ankles.  He paused to pick up the revolver, held it to his head and pulled the trigger.  Sacha expected to be covered in blood and brains, but there was nothing—James only wanted to prove that he had no intention of causing her any harm.

Fingers moved down to her wetness, and skillfully manipulated soft little moans out of her.  Sacha struggled for a few moments before relaxing, as it felt too good to be bad.  A finger pushed inside of her and she gasped, as it was unexpected.  James pried deep, knowing exactly where to touch.  Another finger was inserted, then a third.  She cried out in pleasure, lifting her hips up slightly.  He used the other hand to choke her and drove her to orgasm, enjoying the sensations when she came.  It was easy to keep her aroused, but before she could climax again, the fingers were removed and licked clean.  James leaned in closer, his nose almost touching hers.  She smiled slightly as she gazed into those deep blue eyes.  He took delight in her expression as he thrust his swollen cock inside of her, grunting with every forward push.  It was divine to gaze down at her, eyes stoned with pleasure.  The speed increased with adrenaline that pulsed through him, fueled by coke and whiskey.  Pinning her arms down, he happily fucked her in the damp sand, waves crashing on the shore and creeping dangerously close.  He rode her hard, sweat glistening on his tattooed skin.  His back arched as he sat up, plunging deep inside her; Sacha was enraptured with ecstasy, moaning quite frequently.  There was no span of time at that moment, just two bodies focused on rhythmic fucking.  Their systems were so pumped with stimulants that they had no signs of slowing down, but knew there was only so much that they could take.  James shuddered when he climaxed, savoring the sensation of his wife doing the same.  Then both parties were equally exhausted, and he held her tightly in his arms as they laid in the sand, basking in the afterglow.


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