Chapter 4 Excerpt [2]

James circled around her, scrutinizing every last inch from head to toe.  A good predator never underestimated his potential mate.  Equal in every way, it would be hard to predict what either of them were capable of.  Lust was certainly prominent in the early night air. The breeze that came in from the ocean was enough to keep them cool while hormones raged inside, manifesting on their tattooed skin as tiny beads of perspiration.  There were only personal rules for the game they were about to engage in.  Boundaries would be pushed into nonexistence, lines would be shamelessly crossed, and the ultimate reward was one that they would share.  Sacha had always been obsessed with the so-called bad boy.  He had simple morals and a code of honor that he lived by.  His exterior attitude was composed of strength and wisdom paired with a set of killer looks.  He was sensitive but could kick the shit out of anyone who teased him about it.  There were only a few things that he cared for in life, and everything else was useless.  He was a fighter and a lover, honest and loyal to the end.  Sacha’s father had been that kind of man, and though flawed at times, he was the most notable male figure in her life.  She did not know if James—or Jesse—could fill those shoes, and that was something only her gut instinct would know when the time was right.  Where was the harm in testing each of them to help herself figure it all out?

“We will meet again,” James whispered into her ear, running his hand up her thigh once more.  “To be fair, I shall give you a head start.”  He pulled her closer and inhaled the scent of her perfume.  “Then we finish this.”

Sacha’s pulse was racing as she slowly backed away from James and absorbed everything that had just transpired.  Every second she wasted studying him was worth it, knowing his next move was entirely unpredictable, but also that he was not going to make one until she did.  Reluctantly turning away, she casually entered the throng of moving people, keeping in mind his promise of ending their little game.  While her eyes seemed to be fixed on the boardwalk, her mind was in another place and struggled to remain focused on the environment around her—just the sort of thing which could catch her off guard.  Adrenaline rushed through her veins, resulting in an intense natural high.  Faces that passed by were a constant blur of color, specific features blending into a seamless mass that faded into the background of the boardwalk.  She closed her eyes briefly to regain her composure and dominate the situation instead of becoming overwhelmed by it.  As long as she kept moving there was a feeling of safety, but in the back of her mind, she knew that she was being watched.  If Sacha stopped to investigate the suspicion, the action would be obvious to her predator, while a slow and steady pace could get her much further.  The paranoia intensified, heightening all senses which intoxicated her thoughts and stimulated desires, even though she was still unaware of where the predator lurked.

James could see Sacha just fine from his vantage point in the crowd behind her, stalking at a steady distance while remaining fairly close.  He took delight in watching her head turn with confusion as she tried to figure out which way to go.  The joint lightly touched his lips and a smile spread across his face.  There was slight disappointment that she made the hunt so effortless.  He adjusted the rings on his fingers and continued to follow Sacha, somewhat anxious to have her back in his arms.  Patience had to be enforced in order to maintain structure.  An erection was no excuse for deviating from the plan, but it did prove to be an annoying distraction.  In a fluorescent lit bathroom with sand-tinted tiled walls, James did a few lines of coke off the blue porcelain toilet, then sighed and as he tried to quickly take care of business.  Time became very crucial and there certainly was none to spare on masturbating.  While it was something that could not have been predicted, he still felt quite frustrated.  An unsatisfying finish was followed by the inevitable flush, and he harshly stared at himself in the mirror.

“Do not fuck this up for me.”  His face twisted with anger.  “How can I be selfish if I am doing this for both of us?”  He leaned forward, laughing slightly.  “Yea, I would like to see you try that.  Just accept the fact that she is going to be mine.”  A fist connected with the mirror, cracking the glass and distorting his reflection.  “You cannot stop me…how do you stop yourself?”

James tucked the knife into the back of his boot, careful to fix the cuff of his jeans to virtually conceal it, then straightened the collar of his shirt.  He splashed a little bit of water on his face and dried his fingers in the greased-up hair, making sure not one strand was out-of-place.  A sigh escaped his lips again as he attempted to relax, trying to be convinced that everything was under control by cracking his neck before exiting the bathroom.

Sacha was still a few feet in front of him, nervously glancing around.  A vicious smile graced his lips, eyes almost glowing under the neon lights of the arcade and casino signs.  The air was thick with salty humidity, but he could detect her distinct scent as it floated up his nose, stimulating his senses.  James remembered the night she escorted him to the carnival, and knew she had watched him savagely beat Richie, an expression in her eyes that divulged a secret and gave him a glimpse of her innermost desires.  That was the moment he decided to fight for freedom, having remained dormant for too long and was more commonly referred to as “the other personality”.  Then he suddenly found a way to become more prevalent, and the revolution began.  Having restrained certain urges only managed to create a greater struggle inside Jesse, despite the fact that the Geek persuaded him it would assist in the battle against his darker half.  Now that James was loose once more, it only became a matter of time before his true nature was revealed.

A hand settled on her shoulder, and Sacha cried out in surprise.  James spun her around and delighted in the horror displayed on her face.  His hand slipped into her shirt, checking the fast-paced pulse.  Sacha held onto him tightly, breathing slow to calm her nerves despite the excitement that filled her.

“Looks like I caught you,” he whispered into her ear.  The knife emerged from his boot and rested beneath her chin.  “Follow me, honey.”

She silently obeyed as James headed down a flight of stairs to the beach, and gave no protest in joining him under the dark boardwalk.  The blade was brought down to her throat as he backed her against a wooden post, the free hand gently settling on her inner thigh.

“Why do you tremble so much?” James gently inquired.  “There is nothing to be afraid of.”

“I am not afraid,” Sacha confidently replied.

James moved his hand further up. “It has been a long time since I have made love to a woman,” he confessed.  “Been waiting for the right one to come my way.”

She wanted to struggle but the knife persuaded her not to.  Instead, she braced herself and gasped as his fingers penetrated inside her.  The tip of the knife was set against her lips to keep her quiet.

“None of that now,” James said, gently moving his fingers in and out.  “There is no reason to make a big deal out of this.  Just checking to see if you are ripe for the picking.”

A moan escaped her as if on command.  “I can assure you…I have not been with a man in many years.”

“That is just the way I like my girl,” he said, fucking her steadily as he dropped the knife and clutched her throat.  “I bet you give real good head…better than a whore.”

“Oh?  You have a lot of experience with them?”

James was taken back by the sarcastic comment—ordinarily, the initial response would have been anger, but that was the wrong thing to do in the situation.  He listened to Sacha choke instead as he drove her to orgasm at the same time.  The expression on her face as she came was priceless, those soft lips gasping for breath when he released her.  Staring into his eyes, Sacha could detect that he was slightly nervous.  A flaw in his composure could prove fatal for the illusion he portrayed with such great skill, and so James licked his fingers clean as he held her close, senses going wild with her taste and smell.

“I do believe that you are in prime season, Miss Sacha.”  James kissed her softly, his lips quivering.  “You sure are a special lady, and I certainly hope you know that.”

“Thank-you kindly,” Sacha replied, carefully studying him.

“Now you run along, and tell no one about what we did,” he said, pressing a finger against her mouth.  “If I come to find out you say one word, we are going to have ourselves a problem.  That is not something you want to happen, right?”

“Of course not,” she replied with honesty.

“I am glad that we understand each other.”  He paused and kissed her again.  “You keep an eye out for me. You never know when I might come for you again.”  James released her and slowly backed away.  “No matter what, keep that pretty mouth shut.”

Sacha furiously nodded as her gaze was completely fixated on him, and once again James disappeared down the beach.  There was definitely an aura of intrigue which surrounded that mysterious gentleman, and was perhaps part of what made him so appealing.  He had been delicate and dominant at the same time, stimulating her psyche in a way no one else ever did.  She could still feel that blade against her throat, and a smile crept across her lips as a wave of pleasure traveled down her spine.  It was imperative that she kept her word, as she did not want to find out what the consequences of being a tattletale were.  No doubt it would consist of some sort of punishment, but that could have been a variety of things to James.  The smart decision just so happened to be the same as the right one.  She wanted to gain his trust so that he might open up to her more, and possibly reveal the things that he seemed so eager to protect.


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