Chapter 2 Excerpt [3]

The Mercury purred down the main drag, passing numerous bars, restaurants and fashion-forward shops.  While not as busy as the city, sidewalks were still filled with people, some dressed for dinner and others ready to hit the boards.  Things were certainly much different in the confines of the carnival—a place Sacha had known quite intimately for most of her life.  The Carnies would even go out to the beach where they barbecued, drank and conversed late into the night.  Afterwards, they headed up the boardwalk to the casinos and Sacha’s father gave her money to piss away in the arcades.  It was always morning by the time the two of them would return home, a smile on her face as she happily crashed into bed after their adventure.  Most people could not grasp the concept of what it had meant for her to spend her life in a carnival, while other young girls were attending school and being groomed for marriage.  Her father was a very prominent figure among the Carnies, and many things seemed perfectly natural to Sacha which might have been extraordinary to the common observer.  Jesse had no idea how intense it was to have been to the grounds for the first time since her father had died, and to have seen his old friend in the role of the Geek was even more surprising.

Jesse gently shook her shoulder.  “Sacha, did you hear me?”

She blinked as the memories faded and she was brought back to reality.  “Sorry…I was just thinking about something.”

“That is alright.  Come on.”  He clutched her hand and helped her out of the Mercury.  “You nervous or something?”

“Of course not,” she reassured him with a charming smile.

“Just wanted to check,” he said, lighting a joint.  “Relax, honey.  We are just going to have a little fun.”

Jesse kept hold of her hand as he carefully moved towards a cluster of houses.  While the surroundings were unfamiliar, Sacha knew they were on the outskirts of the seaside community, where rich socialites held prime real estate and were known to host lavish parties to show off for their friends.  Luxury vehicles were lined up on the street, each one in pristine condition with some foreign name emblazoned on the side in metal letters.  The lights from a two-story condo poured out on a well-manicured lawn, music slightly audible every time the door opened and people were escorted inside.  She was confused as to the purpose of being there, but chose to follow Jesse as he casually approached the door.  They were sucked into a throng of people who pushed through, half of them drunk and the other half just arriving. Annoying laughter filled the air as endless amounts of champagne bubbled into glasses and small men in tuxedos walked around with platters of assorted finger foods. Sacha wanted to laugh at the whole situation, particularly since no one seemed to notice their presence.  He pulled her into an empty hallway, pausing a moment to steal a kiss while fighting off arousal.  Then he was leading her up the stairs and past several doors before choosing one.  Jesse smiled as he closed the door behind them, wanting nothing more than to lay her down on that bed and carry out the fantasies which currently played in his mind.

“What are we doing here?”  Sacha whispered, catching her breath as he kissed her neck.  “This is not right.”

“Who dictates that?”  Jesse challenged, turning his attention to a dresser.  “These people have so many material possessions, do you think that they would actually notice if something went missing?  They could certainly afford to replace it without blinking an eye.”

“Are you fucking Robin Hood now?”  she retorted.

“No—I am a Carny and I make no apologies for that.”  He pulled open a drawer and wasted no time rummaging through it, pocketing any items he felt were valuable.

“Oh, I did not realize that we are thieves.”

“Listen, I have just about had it with your shit,” Jesse said, shooting a harsh glare in her direction.  “When did being a Carny mean any more than that?  If you do not like who I am, then you are free to walk away.”

Sacha frowned and carefully approached him.  “That is not what I want.”

“Well then stop being a smart-ass,” he replied, lips twitching slightly as he gently caressed her face.  “You would look so beautiful on that bed.”

She watched as his grey eyes slowly faded into blue, with dots of violet scattered around the pupil.  “Now is not the time.”

His hands slipped down to her neck, heart beating loudly as he tried to repress the craving to feel her body against his.  “You have a point.”

Footsteps in the hall caused both of their heads to turn, thoughts aimed on the possibility of getting caught. Jesse returned to the dresser and filled his pockets quickly, then grabbed Sacha’s hand as he burst through the door. Within seconds they dashed through the hallway past drunken confused party-goers and made their way down the stairs.  Music welcomed them into the living room and suddenly Jesse was overwhelmed by the situation.  He did not like to be around so many people and eagerly made his way towards the exit.  When fresh night air filled his lungs, he could not help but laugh as he escorted Sacha away from the house.

The Mercury roared across the main drag as Sacha desperately clung to the white leather seat.  There was no mistake sensing the change in his behavior.  It would have been easy to use the coke as a scapegoat, but she knew better.  Nothing strange had happened when they did it the other night, and thus Sacha refused to place full blame on the drug.  She was sure that he could feel the shift in personality, because she certainly did.  More so, she had seen the colors in his eyes, and there was no mistaking the multitude of emotions that they revealed.  However, Sacha kept any suspicion to herself when they entered their own house, as she did not want to further agitate the situation.  Watching Jesse unlock the liquor cabinet and pull out a bottle of Johnny Walker with an absent look in his eyes, there were a dozen questions that screamed inside her head, but Sacha dared not to ask any of them.  Jesse silently slipped out onto the back porch and settled into a chair, staring blankly at the dark ocean.  She crept upstairs and climbed into bed, hoping that everything would be squared away in the morning.

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